Netflix Dizi Tavsiyeleri

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We think everyone who sees his name is excited. Because we are talking about La Casa De Papel, the most popular TV series of recent times. The thing that is talked about more than the series is the great actors.

La Casa De Papel, the hit series of the international online broadcasting platform Netflix, is considered a heist series. But let’s see that it was much more than robbery, that tied people to themselves so much… Although those who watched the series, “The series contains many logic errors”, “Isn’t it a bit ridiculous?” Everyone is talking about him, even though he made comments like that. In our opinion, it is the wonderful actors who made the series so popular…

The audience knows, one of the first lectures that the professor gave in the series was this;

“We are not stealing anyone’s money. They will even love us. This is really important. The people must be on our side. We will be heroes in the eyes of the people, but beware; because once a drop of blood is shed, that is, one victim, we cannot be Robin Hood…”

Let’s not lie, we viewers loved you so much. Probably the reason why the show is so popular is because we love you.

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Then let’s get started!

Netflix Dizi Tavsiyeleri

Professor – Alvaro Morte

The main hero of the robbery is Professor… Alvaro Morte, nicknamed Professor, who attracts attention with his mysteriousness, fascinates the audience. We see him as the protagonist of the robbery to be made to the mint, and then he appears as a man of love who fascinates both his team and other people with his genius plans. The Professor, who planned everything in the heist, misses a single possibility. What do you think?

You can find Alvaro Morte’s Instagram page here!

Tokyo – Ursula Corbero

Might be a minor spoiler for those who haven’t watched it, but that’s fine for you not to watch it, so let’s point that out! In the series, each robber is named after a city. As a result of this idea of ​​the professor, who believes that identities should be kept secret, actress Ursula Corbero appears as Tokyo… We can say that she is the most stubborn of the robbers. Aside from the war he has fought within himself, when love comes into play, he becomes a protagonist who voices all the events in the series. A notorious thief, Tokyo can also be a heart thief because sometimes even he can’t stop his rebellion.

You can visit her Instagram page to get to know Tokyo better!

Berlin – Pedro Alonso

Isn’t it almost a Berlin? Pedro Alonso, who divides us in two like a wall in the series, displays an excellent acting. Think about it, while you hate him, you can hug him in a few hours. No lie, he has an annoying demeanor, but at the same time he is so sure of himself and the plan that it’s impossible not to admire him.

Moreover, she is a true resister…

Rio -Miquel Herran

The entire computer system of the robbery belongs to Rio. But Rio’s heart and brain do not work as systematically as a computer. Because he is too innocent and young to draw attention to his mistakes… Do you think Miquel aroused compassion in us with his role in the series?

Check out the Instagram account of Rio, the little naughty boy of the house!

Nairobi – Alba Flores

If Rio is the naughty child of the house, Nairobi is like a compassionate mother… She is a woman who never compromises on her joy and smile, even though she leaves us with a very strange feeling with her past story in the series. Alba Flores, who fascinates us with her attitude, attitude and stance, is a true Spanish woman like in the series.

Denver – Jaime Lorente Lopez

We can’t separate the love for the actors in the series. Denver is next, playing Moscow’s son. Again, the fact that an innocent character is in this robbery makes us focus on the concepts of pure goodness and pure evil. Because you can’t believe that anyone, including Denver, is bad in this series. Lopez, who plays Denver, also draws attention with her very sincere attitude.

Moscow – Paco Tous

We likened the mother of the show to her child, but if there is a real father in this heist, it is Moscow. It is impossible not to find something of your own while watching it. Paco Tous, who gives life to the character that fills our eyes in some scenes with his realistic and fatherly attitude…

Doesn’t she look much younger without a beard?

Helsinki and Oslo – Darko Perich and Roberto Garcia

They are the Serbian cousins ​​of the series… Even though we seem to say that they are just fine with the robbery, we can’t say that we didn’t get caught in the flood of emotions with them at some moments.



And finally…

Raquel – Itziar Ituno

She is a completely different hero apart from her heroes in the mint heist… She is a woman who fascinates everyone with her love and strong stance that the professor cannot take into account. “What a brave woman you are, Raquel!” The reason why we say Itziar Ituno…

The series somehow pulls you in and drags you in, but there is a scene that we can never skip…
The Professor and Berlin are reborn in this scene! (Attention! You might get goosebumps…)

After this scene, if there is anything to say, or rather ask, it is this;

Can you decide who is good and who is bad?

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