The error, “You have reached the limit in the number of businesses you can create right now,” frequently encountered in the Instagram application, often causes users to use their accounts and advertise for business accounts both in Turkey and around the world. For this reason, users may experience serious financial losses because they do not advertise from their business accounts.

We tried to help our readers who have a business account limit, usually through live support, emails or blog posts, and offered solutions. Since these problems are usually resolved, we felt the need to write an article for our readers again. So how to fix Instagram business account problem?


You’ve reached the Instagram business account limit error is usually because a business account has been created for an Instagram account linked to a Facebook account.

The Problem Is High in Transferred Accounts

Instagram business account limit error mostly occurs in account sales or transferred accounts. The reason for this is that due to the restrictions imposed by Instagram, it is unfortunately not easy to sell or transfer an account as it used to be. In order not to encounter the business account limit error problem, the Facebook account to which the transferred Instagram account is linked should also be transferred or unlinked. Otherwise, the business account limit will always be in such accounts and it may be impossible to fix the problem.

When the user who takes over the business account makes a personal return from the business account or tries to advertise, he will face the business account problem.

Can’t Switch to Instagram Business Account Problem

Another reason for this problem is trying to turn the Instagram page, which is a business account, into a private or personal account and try to convert it back to a business account. When the action is taken to create a business account again, you will get the error that you have reached the business account limit.

How to Solve Your Instagram Business Account Limit?

If you try the following steps to solve the problem that you are currently experiencing, you have reached the business account limit, and the problem will most likely be solved.

The first step to fix the problem is to log in to any other Facebook accounts that may have been linked before and unlink any of their business pages or delete these pages completely.

Generally, in such problems, many Facebook accounts can be linked to the same account. Because the problem may have been tried from many devices or accounts to fix the problem, and a page for the business account may have been created from a Facebook account.

After making sure you’ve logged out of all Facebook accounts you may have previously connected to, you need to create a new business account and link your Instagram account to this page.

When you try all these steps, your problem will be solved, but there may be many points that can be overlooked. For this reason, make sure that you complete all the steps completely and carefully.

In addition to all information, in addition to this, according to the terms of use of the Instagram application, the sale and transfer of ready-made Instagram accounts is prohibited.

You Have Reached the Instagram Business Account Limit Final Solution

As the instakib consultancy team, we can solve this problem within 1 hour for a fee. For detailed information, you can get support from this number 0532 068 54 57.

We tried to help you with the error that you have reached the Instagram business account limit. If you continue to encounter problems, you can send us your problem in the comments field.

Hope to see you in our next article 🙂