Instagram danismanlik hizmeti duyuru

Nowadays, it has become quite normal for everyone to be constantly interested in their mobile phone 24/7. It is also a fact that almost most phone users own a phone with a photo camera. We take photos of our friends, family, the food we eat, the clothes we wear and ourselves and share them on social media. Of course, this is a good approach to immortalize the moments we live in, and it is undoubtedly the reason why these shares are so popular on Instagram, the most popular photo sharing application where you gain new followers and get likes for your photos. another reason.

Since it was founded in 2010, Instagram has over 200 million users. Below you can see the demographic characteristics of this figure.

  • 50% iPhone users, 50% Android users
  • 68% of users are female, 32% are male
  • 90% of users average age is under 35
  • 24% of users share that they use the app several times a day.
  • 65% of users live outside of the United States
  • Average 1.6 billion likes per day

Many large companies are working very seriously when marketing their products to the young age group. Because the Y generation can delete the e-mails they receive without reading them or they do not follow the products of the companies. Therefore, considering the growing number of Instagram, companies not only reach more than 200 million users, but also easily reach the age group that they have difficulty in selling their products.

You may think that your company does not sell products to the young population and does not target individual users. However, Instagram is still a platform where your company needs to be present and interact with customers. Shared photos and videos will provide a huge positive response in terms of recognition on social media.

If your institution has an Instagram account or you are going to open a new one, you can share by taking into account the Instagram Usage Tips for Institutions below.

1-    Share interesting content: Your ultimate goal may be to sell products, don’t just share sales information. You can use Instagram to share information about your company with your followers. You can share the people behind your brand here.

2-     Timing: Although there are more than 200 million users, it is necessary to analyze the times when users interact most, as in other social media platforms. Unfortunately, there is no fixed time frame for everyone, but according to statistics, photos shared between 9 am and 9 pm have a higher rate of likes. In addition, many users log into their accounts between 3-4 o’clock.

3-      Hashtags are important: I used to say it would sound strange, but nowadays, there is no one who does not know the importance of hashtag sharing. Therefore, add hashtags to the content shared. Instagram is not only a platform for following people and liking photos, but also a search platform that will allow you to find interesting content. I previously shared my article about hashtag usage here.

4-     Share videos: Instagram’s video feature is more popular than the video-sharing app Vide. Not only are the shared videos fun, they also provide interaction with users. You can take a video of your office, or record and share an ongoing activity. Users create more interaction and return with video sharing, mostly after office hours.

5-    Use Instagram Filters: Perhaps one of the most important features of Instagram is that it has features that allow you to turn a normal photo into a work of art with a few taps. Choosing the right filter can also cause your follower count to increase or decrease. Blue is also more popular than light-colored photographs and red-orange photographs. The 3 most effective filters are Normal or No filter, Mayfair and Inkwell.

Kurumlar için Instagram Kullanım İpuçları-3

I hope you have a brief knowledge of Instagram. Now it’s time for the application part. Does your institution have an Instagram account? Are you sharing with sales content or creating interaction? You can share it with me below.

Instagram danismanlik hizmeti duyuru