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Instagram vs TikTok – How to Create Reels – As everyone knows, Instagram recently launched the Reels feature. With this feature, users will be able to show them to people in 15-second videos with the help of various tools. This feature is said to be intended to compete with TikTok, especially on tech pages.

Instagram to TikTok Competitor – How to Create Reels

On the other hand, users who will use this feature for the first time are wondering how to use it. Reels, which is very simple to use, can be easily drawn and shared like other post types. In addition, your question of how to create Instagram Reals with all the steps below is answered.

How to Create Reals

  • First of all, on the home page of the Instagram application whose latest version is used, just like Instagram Stories and Instagram Live broadcast, the camera button at the top left is clicked or swiped to the left. In addition, if there is no active story, the story option can be accessed by clicking on your profile in the story flow of the Instagram page.
  • Then it is brought to the “Reel” section in the options under the start button. (The customizations for the story were moved from the options under the button and moved to the left of the screen in the story section. Those who want to find such customizations can look there.)
  • When you come to the Reals section, there are four options on the left. In the audio section (indicated by a musical note), the appropriate music can be selected among the songs in Instagram Music. In the speed section below the audio section (shown with the play button), you can set how fast the video will go.
  • Below the speed section is the effects section. In this section, you can add the effects used in Instagram to your video. The duration of the video can be adjusted in the speed section at the bottom (indicated by the stopwatch sign). As we mentioned before, the maximum video duration is 15 seconds. After making all the adjustments, you can record the video.
  • If you keep the video shorter than 15 seconds, you also have the opportunity to complete the duration to 15 seconds. You can resume the video at different moments by pressing the “Align” option under the duration. If you create this style, you have the opportunity to edit it separately for each video. In the Align option, if you are not satisfied with a part of the video, there is also the option to delete or crop that part of the video. After you have finished your work, you will complete it in less than the time you set, and you can proceed to the next step by pressing the arrow button next to the continue button. .com
    • After the video is recorded, if you change your mind or are not satisfied with the video, you can go back or have it published in the “Stories” section next to Reels. If you choose Stories, your video will stay in the comments section for one day as usual. However, if you haven’t changed the Reels decision, you can share the video by pressing the Share button. If you wish, you can also define the video in the description section of the video before sharing it.

    Instagram’s Reels feature is currently not available on mobile browsers. It is expected to be added there soon.


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