Hi; In this article, we will talk about the easy method of deleting an Instagram account in an easy way. While reading our article, you will be able to perform Instagram permanent account closure. We’ve seen known websites confuse people by making talk. Many titles, such as permanently closing the Instagram account, deleting the Instagram account, are under the same title, confusing people. In fact, the two processes are the same way, the seo tricks of some websites for the sake of getting hits.

The number of users in Instagram Turkey is increasing at a certain rate every year. Currently, this number is around 39 million people. While 47% of the users are female users, 53% are male users. As the social media platform is on the rise, some people want to freeze or completely delete their account on the photo and video sharing app. We felt the need to prepare such a detailed article for users who need help closing or completely deleting their accounts. Without further ado, let’s move on to the explanation immediately.

Instagram temporarily freeze your account

In case you temporarily close your account, your profile, photos, in short, all information will be stored and the account will be frozen.

Warning You cannot temporarily close your account from within the Instagram application, maybe this feature will be available with new updates. To close now, visit the link below.


Above After clicking the link and logging in, make a selection from the drop-down menu next to the

Why are you deleting your account? question and re-enter your password.

Click the Temporarily disable my account button.

After this process, your account will be temporarily closed until you log in again, and no one will be able to find you. Your username will still be available and held. (You can view the picture below)

Instagram permanent account deletion

If you want to delete your Instagram account in order not to use it again, you can follow the steps we will explain below. When you delete your account, your profile information, photos and all your posts will be permanently deleted and you will not be able to access them again. If you want to take a break for a while, you can apply the Instagram temporary account closure above in our article.

Warning: After deleting your account, it cannot be registered again with the same username. It is not possible to activate deleted accounts.

You cannot delete your Instagram account from your mobile application, for this click the link below.

https://www.instagram.com/accounts/login/?next=/accounts /remove/request/permanent/

After logging in to the link above, Why do you want to delete? Make a selection from the drop-down menu next to the question.

Then a notification message will come and There is a password entry section at the bottom, you can perform the operation by pressing the delete button after typing your password.

When you do this, all the content you shared and your profile will be deleted and cannot be restored. (You can view the picture below)

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