Shopping structure, one of the latest updates of the Instagram application, is now available to users in our country with the update introduced to the application. This structure, which is integrated with the Facebook Catalog structure, contributes to the users’ easy access to the price tags and sales prices of the products directly to their customers. The Instagram Shopping feature contributes to many corporate pages that make purchases through the application. You can place these ads on your home page, in the explore section and in the search section.

What is Instagram Shopping?

The Instagram Shopping feature is a feature that allows pages selling on Instagram to easily sell their products through the Instagram application. Users who want to shop can reach the personalized shopping screen by clicking on the Shopping tab in the Instagram Discover area and quickly purchase the product that has been added by hundreds of e-commerce sites.

How to Activate Instagram Shopping Feature?

Instagram shopping feature can be done through the business account you have opened. You can activate the Instagram Shopping Feature in your account by following the steps below.

First, your Facebook account and Instagram account must be linked.
The Instagram account to which the shopping feature will be added must be used as a business account. (It should not be used as a personal account.)
You must have an existing page on your E-Commerce site or any E-Commerce site. (For example, Google Merchant Center integration)
Your account must be active on the Facebook Business Manager page. You must define your products by creating a catalog from the
Catalog Manager area.
If Facebook Pixels, Events and Transformations are proportionally linked, you can operate efficiently.

After completing the above structures;

Open your Facebook Business Manager account.
Add your content by creating a catalog in the Catalog Manager.
Start advertising by activating the shopping features.

How to create a Facebook Catalog?
Log in to your account at and select your linked business account. Then click on 9 small dots in the menus.

Click on Catalog Manager from the section that opens on the screen and after clicking Create Catalog on the screen that appears, you will be asked for your necessary information.

After choosing the section about your business account, you need to fill in the required fields. After choosing the catalog and Business account you want to create, you can give your catalog the name you want.

You can quickly add your products to your catalog with Opencard-like files. For this, you can use a ready-made infrastructure like Opencard and you can quickly add your products from the Connect E-Commerce Platform area.

You can add the products in your business account to the catalog in 3 different ways. If you have less than 50 products, you have to add them manually one by one. Secondly, if you have more than 50 products, you can upload them to the catalog with an Excel-like file. Another method is to add your products to the catalog easily and quickly with the Facebook Pixel code linked to your website.

Creating a Facebook Catalog and adding your products to the catalog is that simple with these methods 🙂

After adding your products on your Instagram page to the Facebook Catalog, you need to activate the Shopping Feature from the Activate button. However, most of the time, your business in Business Manager and the catalog you create need to be checked and approved by Facebook administrators. Before all transactions, you must request approval from the Facebook application.

Your Instagram Shopping feature is now ready to use! You can find solutions to all other questions you have about the shopping feature by sending them to us in the comments area.

Hope to see you in our next article 🙂