Instagram Engel Kaldırma İşlemi Nasıl Yapılır?

Instagram is not just used for photo and video sharing nowadays. Many users prefer the Instagram application for messaging, as in chat applications such as WhatsApp and Messenger. In particular, this situation has emerged as a result of the DM section becoming more stable and equipped with new features. Thanks to the sharing of Instagram posts and accounts via DM, chatting on this platform becomes more privileged. However, in some cases, messaging on Instagram may not be possible for various reasons. It has become very common that sometimes errors occur and sometimes messages are not sent. Most users want to know about the Instagram message not sending problem and its solution due to the emergence of such errors. We will also provide information about the solution of this problem in the rest of our article.

What Causes Instagram Post Not Going Issue?

In some cases, the DM (Direct Message) feature on Instagram may not work and give users an error. These errors can appear as follows;

  • The message appears as sent, but is not visible on the other side.
  • A red exclamation mark appears after the message is sent.
  • The text of the message is written but it cannot be sent. li>
  • The message is deleted shortly after it is delivered to the other party.

Mostly Instagram DM problem occurs in these ways. Possible sources of problems and solutions are as follows:

instagram mesaj gitmiyor

Instagram Post Block

Instagram users may get an error when sending a message to another account. The reason for this is that the other party disables the DM message feature and blocks it. In other words, the user may have turned off the direct message feature and do not want to receive messages. After this stage, the relevant user will not be reachable via message. Another consequence is that the other party blocks your account. It is not possible to reach users who have blocked you via DM, and messaging cannot be done. In either case, it will not be possible to DM the user.

Instagram Server Issue

Instagram servers may crash from time to time due to heavy traffic on the application. As a result of millions of people using the application instantly, such problems can be experienced. In server-related problems, there are problems such as liking photos and videos, sharing stories, sharing photos, commenting, renewing the news source, as well as sending messages frequently.

En Sevilen Instagram Butikleri Nelerdir?

Messages sent by users can be transmitted to the other party in some cases, but after a while they disappear as if they were never written. The only solution to this problem, which is caused by high user traffic, is to wait. Unfortunately, it is not possible to produce any other solution without resolving the server problems. Because Instagram is trying to reduce the density on its own servers. Then, by issuing a new update, this problem will be completely eliminated and the messages will reach the desired address.

Internet Sourced Problems

Instagram messages will not be forwarded to the other party if the internet speed is not sufficient. If a red exclamation point is encountered during message transmission, it should generally be perceived as a sign of network connectivity. In this case, users should check the internet connection settings on their mobile devices. If you are connected to a high-share Wi-Fi, this problem is likely to occur. In connection with mobile data, Instagram message problem is not common compared to w-fi connections. In addition, in some cases, turning the device off and on or putting it in flight mode may work.

Instagram Account Block strong>

Instagram aims to make the application more comfortable with its algorithms. Studies in this direction are strengthened by new algorithms. If a user is sending and receiving a large number of DMs per day, it catches the attention of Instagram algorithms. Profiles can be blocked by Instagram for a short time. As a result of this so-called interaction barrier, users cannot message. As they cannot send messages, they will not be able to receive messages. After this stage, the Direct message feature will not be available. It has been determined that these restrictions are lifted between 24 and 48 hours. It is also known that this period can be extended up to 1 week. However, if the same violations are continued, it is possible to close the account completely. Therefore, on the same day, suspicious behavior should be avoided and you should take care not to be blocked via DM. Thanks to this information about the Instagram message not sending problem and its solution, precautions can be taken against possible blocking.

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My Instagram Posts Are Not Going. Why?

If you are having trouble messaging on Instagram, there may be 2 different situations. You may not be able to send messages due to server errors or interaction block.

Can I Have Message Blocked?

If you have taken suspicious action or received complaints on Instagram, you may have received an interaction ban.

Instagram Engel Kaldırma İşlemi Nasıl Yapılır?
Can I Set Who Can Message Me?

Who will you receive messages from via your Instagram settings? you can specify. If you have a private profile, only your followers will be able to message you directly.

Can I Message People Who Blocked Me?

It is not possible to send a DM to people who have blocked your Instagram profile.

Can I Send Audio Recording Via DM?You can send photos, stories, texts, videos and audio recordings via DM.
What Happens If My DM Requests Are Denied?

Your requests are made by the people you send message requests to. If situations such as rejection are common, your profile will be blocked by DM. and you may not send messages for up to 1 week.

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