Some of the questions that are constantly asked and frequently asked in the internet searches of social media users in recent days are surely what is Instagram Unfollow, How is it used, what are the most used unfollow applications? How to Unfollow and Instagram Mass Unfollow? are such questions. We will find all the answers to these questions that users have experienced in our article.

If you are going to review your followers on your Instagram account and the accounts that follow you, and if you are going to do a general unfollowing, mass unfollowing applications will help you in this regard. There is no extra feature provided by the application for mass unfollowing on Instagram. As such, it becomes obligatory to use different applications for users.

By installing these applications on your Android or iOS operating system devices, instead of removing the followers in your Instagram account one by one, you can easily mark them collectively and perform this process at once. You can perform mass unfollowing on both Android and iOS platforms. You can find what needs to be done for Instagram Mass Unfollowing (Android and iOS) under the following headings.

Instagram Mass Unfollowing (Android)

If you have an Android operating system device, we recommend the “Unfollow Users” application, which is the easiest to use and will help you in order to unfollow. By installing this application on your Android device, you can easily perform mass unfollowing.

To install the Unfollow Users app:

▸ To unfollow followers on your Instagram account, first install the application on your Android device via Play Store.

▸ Log in to Unfollow Users app with your Instagram account information on your device.

▸ Then you can start unfollowing the accounts you want to unfollow by selecting 10 by 10 with the “Unfollow 10 From Top” button on your screen.

▸ If there are accounts that you want to follow and do not want to unfollow, simply tap the star icon next to these accounts. These are the only actions that need to be taken to unfollow through this application.

Instagram Mass Unfollowing (iOS)

On iOS operating system devices, you can unfollow the ones you follow with the “Cleaner for IG” application. For mass removal of your followers on Instagram, first install the Cleaner for IG application on your iOS device from the App Store.

To install Cleaner for IG:

After the application is installed on your device, log in to the application with your Instagram account information.

▸ After logging into Cleaner for IG application with your Instagram account, click on the “Following” tab on the screen.

▸ You can access the “Following” tab from the bottom left of the screen.

▸ After clicking the “Following” tab on your screen, click the “Quick Select” button.

▸ Click on “Select All” from the options available here.

▸ Then click on the “Actions” button and select the “Unfollow” option.

▸ The last thing you will do is to clear all your followers by clicking the “Start Now” button.

With these actions, it will be possible to delete all the followers on your Instagram account in bulk. If there are people that you do not want to unfollow or that you want them to follow you, you can easily perform the actions related to this with these applications.

In today’s article, we have transferred all the processes for both Android and iOS operating system devices on behalf of Instagram mass unfollowing processes. You can easily solve the problems you are wondering about or have experienced about this issue by sending them to us in the comment section.