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Thanks to the

Instagram IGTV Feature, it provides users with the opportunity to upload 60-minute videos on their profiles.

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We decided to write a short article for you about the Instagram IGTV Feature and its use, which we have compiled for you in today’s article.

  Instagram, which is one of the most frequently used applications on social media platforms that we follow closely, continues to make new updates continuously. Finally, announcing the Instagram Color Commenting Feature, Instagram recently announced its new feature, Instagram IGTV, yesterday. So how to use instagram igtv? how to make instagram igtv?

What is Instagram IGTV?

What is Instagram IGTV Feature? How to Use ?

  Previously, there were 60-second videos on Instagram, where photos and videos were shared. According to this feature, thanks to the new feature made by Instagram, users have the opportunity to upload a minimum of 15 seconds and a maximum of 1 hour videos to their channels.

Thanks to the IGTV section, which is the new feature of Instagram, users will be able to share their vlog-like videos on YouTube via Instagram channels. The new feature, which is currently in the testing phase, will be able to support videos between 15 seconds and 60 minutes that users will share on Instagram. In addition to these, users can offer 4K image quality as well as have the opportunity to share vertically oriented or full-screen videos.

The feature of adding links to the stories that users have before in the videos to be presented in Instagram IGTV is also available in this feature. Thanks to this opportunity, Instagram provides its users with the opportunity to attract audiences to their websites or blogs.

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How to Use Instagram IGTV ?

  The Instagram IGTV Feature, which has been developed and launched, has started to be reflected on the profiles of existing active users. The main problem of people who cannot use this feature yet is that users do not install the last update of the Instagram application on their phones.

The things to do for users who want to use Instagram IGTV Feature are as follows;

  • In order to use the Instagram IGTV feature, first log in to your account.
  • Then, next to the DM icon on your homepage, Tap the TV icon.
  • There are videos (For you, Following and Popular) on the screen that opens.
  • You can watch the video you want from here. You can also upload it to your own videos.
  • To upload your video, you must first create your your own channel.
ınstagram igtv

 How to Create an IGTV Channel on Instagram?

  Users who want to create their own videos along with the videos on the Instagram IGTV screen should first create their own channels. To create your own channel, first click on the settings icon above the “Continue Watching” button on the far right of the IGTV screen.

Create Channel by clicking the “Create Channel” tab at the bottom of your screenYou can create your own channel by clicking the “NEXT” button on the ” Share Longer Videos” and “Created for Vertical View” screens.

ınstagram ıgtv nasıl kullanılır

To add new videos to your channel you have created, you can share your videos by clicking on your profile on the Continue Watching tab and clicking on the Add Video button below.

Instagram IGTV Feature as we come to the end of our article, see you in our next article 🙂