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In this article, I am telling you about the instagram freezing process. In the content of the article; How to disable instagram account temporarily? and after the Instagram account freeze, you can find out what might happen, possible mishaps and solutions.

As you know; When we delete our Instagram account, as you know, we completely lose our photos, our followers, in short, everything related to the account. In addition, it is not possible to use our username again on a new account.

For this reason, I recommend freezing your Instagram account instead of deleting it. Thus, after instant freezing, you can reopen your account at any time and continue where you left off.

instagram dondurma


Instagram account freeze, you can temporarily close your account and reactivate it whenever you want without losing any of your data.

I tell you in this article; How is instant account freezing ie instant account closure done? I explain in the simplest way.

No, if you still want to close my instagram account completely; You can read our article “delete instagram account”.

How to freeze Instagram, disable Instagram temporary account?

First of all, I should state that; We cannot do instagram account freeze, instagram temporary account closure via instagram mobile application. Although it is said that the Instagram freeze process is done through the mobile application; You come to the page in the link I gave last with longer processes. There’s no need to take this long. It takes much less time to do it on Instagram’s website. Don’t worry, it’s a very easy process that doesn’t even take you 30 seconds in total.

You can still apply the procedures I explained below; You can also freeze Instagram via your internet browser as mobile, that is, mobile.

instagram geçici olarak kapatmak

In order to do the

  • Instagram account freeze, first of all; We go to the instagram ice cream section on the instagram ice cream link page that opens by clicking here.
  • If our account is not open, a login screen will appear and when we enter it with our username and password, it will direct us to the instagram account freeze form.
  • Here’s your instagram to us; There is a section that asks why we want to freeze our instagram account. We choose one of the options.
  • I wrote the

Instagram freeze options just below. You choose one of these options.

-I want to take a break

-I had a hard time getting started

-I opened a second account

-Privacy concerns

-Takes a lot of my time

-I can’t find people to follow

-Something else

instagram hesabı nasıl dondurulur
  • After choosing our reason for Instagram account freeze, we click on the option to temporarily close my account.
  • Instagram asks us to re-enter our password for account security. We re-enter our password and complete our instagram account deactivation.

instagram freezing can be done once a week with the latest update. After you open your account after ice freeze, you need to wait 1 week before you can freeze your Instagram account again.

instagram dondurma sık sorulan sorular

Frequently asked questions about Instagram Ice Cream

In this section instagram ice creamI made a compilation of the most frequently asked questions about . I think it will be useful for you to read these questions and answers before freezing your Instagram account.

How can I restore the frozen Instagram account?

To reopen your account that you temporarily closed with the

Instagram freeze process; Just log in again with your username and password on the Instagram app. Your account will become active again.

After Instagram freeze, will my followers in my account be gone?

When you freeze your Instagram account, your Instagram followers will not decrease. Actually, it makes more sense to explain it like this; You froze your Instagram account and then you reopened it. You see that there is a decrease in your followers. This follower decrease is a normal follower drop, not a instagram freeze.

Can I freeze Instagram permanently?

When this feature first came to Instagram, yes, it could be done all the time. However, with the new update, instagram account freezing can only be done once a week.

I can’t freeze my Instagram account?

If you haven’t been able to freeze your Instagram account even though you’ve done all the steps I’ve described above, it might be an Instagram-related problem, not you. Try again after waiting for a while. Again, if your freezing process is not completed, you can contact Instagram support and report your problem.

I forgot my Instagram password, how can I freeze my account?

If you forget your Instagram password, it is not possible to freeze your account. First of all, you should create your password by applying what I told you in my I forgot my Instagram password.

I froze my Instagram account, I can’t open it back?

Instagram account freezeIf you cannot activate the account again by logging into your account with your username and password after the process, try again in one day. Although such disruptions are usually caused by Instagram, as I said, you can overcome this problem by experimenting at different time intervals.

I deactivated my Instagram account but my account is still visible

Instagram freeze can sometimes take 48 hours. Wait and try again. If your account is still not frozen, you must perform the freeze process again.

I froze my account then opened it back. I can’t freeze again.

Since Instagram freezing can be done once a week, you need to wait a few days and try again.

How long can an Instagram account be frozen?

There is currently no time limit for the

Instagram freeze process. Your account can be temporarily closed for as long as you want.

I just froze my account, when can I open it?

You can reopen your Instagram account 48 hours after freezing it.

Why is the Instagram account freezing page in English?

Choosing Turkish from the language option at the bottom of the page will solve your problem.

I froze my Instagram account. Does it open by itself?

Frozen Instagram accounts remain closed unless you log in with your username and password. These are the most frequently asked questions to me about Instagram freeze. If you have any questions about this subject, please do not hesitate to ask us in the comment field.