If you are facing the problem that Instagram has become English after the update, the solution is very simple!

  Instagram, which constantly updates by bringing new features, sometimes causes users to encounter some problems due to these updates. One of the main problems experienced by users is the conversion of the Instagram language to English. Users encounter language reset on their phones after the update. Users who don’t speak English want to use their accounts in Turkish, asking “How to change your language option on Instagram?” the question arose. Instagram users began to look for ways to translate their accounts into the language of their choice. In this article, we will tell you how you can change the language of your Instagram account to Turkish.

What are Instagram Language Options?

Instagram, which is used in various places around the world, has brought the language selection feature to use these places according to language options. In this way, Instagram users can use their accounts according to their own language. The languages ​​you can choose on Instagram are as follows:

-Danish / Nederlands

-Persian / Persian

-Finnish / Suomi

-French / Français

-German / Deutsch

-Greek / Greek

-Hebrew / Hebrew

-Hungarian / Magyar (Android Only)

-Indonesian / Bahasa Indonesia

-Italian / Italiano

-Japanese / Japanese

-Korean / Korean

-Malay / Bahasa Melayu

-Norwegian / Norsk

-Polish / Polski

-African / Afrikaans

-Arabic / Arabic

-Bulgarian / Български (Android only)

-Canadian French / Français (Canada) (Android only)

-Chinese / Chinese

-Croatian / Hrvatski

-Czech / Český

-Danish / Dansk

-Traditional Chinese – Hong Kong /

-Turkish / Turkish

-Ukrainian / Ukrainian

-Vietnamese / Vietnamese

-Portuguese / Português

-Romanian / Română

-Russian / Russian

-Slovak / Slovencina

-Spanish / Español

-Swedish / Svenska

-Tagalog / Filipino

-Thai / Thai


How to Change Language on Instagram

To translate your Instagram account from English to Turkish after the update, you need to do the following:

-Sign in to your account.

-Go to your profile.

-Tap the 3 lines in the upper right corner.

-Tap on Settings at the bottom of the drop-down section.

-You can open the language options by touching the Language text in the menu that opens.

-You can make your account Turkish by selecting the Turkish language from the language options window that opens.

By following these steps, you will make your account Turkish again. If you encounter the same error again after selecting the Turkish language, it may be due to the language option of your phone or computer. If you encounter this situation, we recommend that you check the language option of your phone or computer.

To change language settings on iOS iPhone phones:

-Go to settings on your phone.

Press the text General.

Tap where it says International.

-Language phrase will appear. Here you can set the language of your phone.

To change language settings on Android phones or tablets:

-Go to settings on your device.

Tap on -Language and Input.

-Language phrase will appear. Here you can set the language of your phone.

To change language settings on Windows phones:

-Tap the middle start button on the phone.

-Slide your finger to the left.

-Tap the settings section at the bottom of the page that opens.

-Press Language + Region.

-Phone language option will appear. Here you can set the language of your phone.

After performing these operations, your account will be translated into the language you have chosen. If you cannot perform the language change, it may be due to Instagram. In this case, try logging into your account from the computer instead of the phone. If the problem still persists, we recommend that you report the problem you are experiencing to Instagram.