We wanted to share with you important tips about Instagram users, which you do not know about and would like to learn, on Instagram, the most popular social media platform in the world.

Sharing a link in the story without Instagram 10 thousand followers

In order to share a link on Instagram, you need to have 10 thousand followers, but if you do not have an account with 10 thousand followers, do not worry, there is an easy way to do this. By following the steps below, you can share a link to the story feature even if you do not have 10 thousand followers.

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    • First of all, you need to shoot a 1-minute video.
    • After shooting the video, upload the video from the IGTV Section of your application.
    • After uploading an IGTV Video, select the Cover photo you want and proceed.

  • Afterwards, specify the Video Title, and then add a Guiding emoji to the description section and paste a URL (LINK) on a bottom line.
    Example: https:// www.miniavm.com/
  • You share the video on İGTV, then you press the Add the video from İGTV to the Story button.
  • Finally, press the Link sign in the 2nd row at the top, select the İGTV Video and You share in your story.

When you follow the steps above LINK to the story you shared This is how you add the URL.
Now we will tell you about a few Instagram tips. As it is known, the Instagram algorithm is constantly changing lately, what we need to do to stand out is to share a regular post every other day, if not every day, and give importance to their sharing to Reels videos.


How to use the Instagram Secret Tag feature

First of all, you upload a photo and write a description. Then, at the bottom of the application, there are advanced settings, at the bottom of this, there is an option to Write Alt Text. Here you can add as many Hashtags as you want. In this way, you can add hidden Hashtags. You can make your Instagram posts that you have shared reach many people.

Sharing Instagram Live photos as Boomerang

First of all, we need a live photo here, take a live photo from your phone, then to the instagram story section. enter and select live photo and long press on it will be boomerang automatically. There may be those who say that we can do this through the Instagram application. The boomerang posts you share on Instagram can be of poor quality, so if you want to share quality content, you can take a live photo from your phone and share it as a boomerang in the story.

How to Check for Instagram Rule Violation

Recently It is a question that many users wonder, did I violate the rules on Instagram, how can I check? Many users receive many messages that they have violated the rules, and most of the messages contain articles such as click on the link to view the rule violation. These are spam messages sent by malicious people to take over your account. There is an easy way to find out if you have violated the rules.

Enter your Instagram application, then enter your Profile, after entering the Settings section, you enter the Help section. Afterwards, when you click on the Support Requests section and then the Violations menu, you can see the explanation there if you have violated the Instagram rules.

What Causes Rule Violation on Instagram? You can review the Community Guidelines page to examine what Instagram allows and does not allow.

Using Instagram Comment Filtering

We will share another tip that should be used by people whose profile is public on Instagram. If your profile is public, many people can comment on your posts, whether they are followers or not. You can prevent these situations by using the Instagram Comment Filtering feature of unwanted comments.

First enter your profile, then enter the Settings section. After the settings, go to the Privacy section and enter the comments menu above. You can activate the Manual Filter section and prevent bad comments by writing the unwanted words in the filter section.

You can apply the tips we mentioned for yourself or you can send them to us in the comment section below the article.

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