Whatsapp user agreement has become one of the most important problems of all Whatsapp users in recent days. Users who did not find the agreement rules appropriate rejected the agreement and turned to other instant messaging applications, while users who accepted the agreement began to explore how to cancel it. In this article, we will answer the question of I Have Accepted the Whatsapp User Agreement, How to Cancel it?.

Whatsapp has recently announced that it will renew its user agreement. After the statement, a contract was sent to most of the users where they could choose whether to approve the user agreement or not. In the statement made by Whatsapp, it was said that users who do not accept the agreement will be canceled at the end of the specified period.


Whatsapp user agreement is an up-to-date contract prepared by the instant messaging application. After obtaining permission from its users within the scope of the contract, Whatsapp stated that it would use the data of its users to make suggestions according to their demands. /p>


Whatsapp user agreement clauses are listed as follows;

  • Account Information
  • Messages
  • Links
  • Status Information
  • Transaction and Payment Data
  • Customer Support and Other Communications
  • Usage and Registration Information
  • Device and Connection Information
  • Location Information
  • Cookies
  • Provided by Others About You Information
  • User Complaints
  • Businesses on WhatsApp
  • Third Party Service Providers
  • Third Party Services
  • Collected how is data used?
  • Ancillary Services
  • Safety, Security and Integrity
  • Communications About Facebook Companies
  • Corporate Interactions

    Whatsapp started sending an agreement to its users regarding the user agreement. Many Whatsapp users had to choose one of the options of accepting or not accepting in the contract that appeared when they opened the application. While many users reluctantly chose not to use the application, some users knowingly or unknowingly accepted this agreement.

    Many of the users who accept it, I Accept the Whatsapp User Agreement, How Can I Cancel? started to ask. Although users who have accepted the Whatsapp user agreement think that no action can be taken to cancel this decision, it is actually possible to cancel the decision to accept.



To cancel the Whatsapp user agreement, it is necessary to follow some steps. The steps of canceling the Whatsapp accepted user agreement are listed as follows;

Whatsapp instant messaging application is opened.

The “Settings” section within the application is reached.


Click the “Account Option” option in the Settings section.

Click the “Delete My Account” button in the Account options.

Enter the mobile phone number in the field that appears on the screen and Whatsapp application will be deleted.

The same contract will be presented to the user again in a few days when the application is completely deleted and reinstalled. This time, the “Not Now” option will also be available in this presented contract.


After deleting their account completely for users who have accepted the Whatsapp user agreement to cancel the agreement You need to reinstall the application and create an account. However, this action will also have some irreversible consequences.

What happens if the Whatsapp account is deleted?The question can be answered as follows; All posts, incoming photos, correspondence and stored data in the instant messaging application of users who completely delete their Whatsapp account are automatically deleted. When the user reinstalls the Whatsapp application, he will not be able to restore any of his old data. Therefore, it would be wise for those who will use the Whatsapp account deletion method to consider this result.

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