The question of YouTube'da Kanal Doğrulaması Nasıl Yapılır ?

How to get a YouTube blue tick is frequently asked by those who actively use this social media application today. What exactly does the blue tick, which can also be expressed as channel verification, mean, what does it mean; Let’s talk about these issues first and let’s look at how channel verification can be done on YouTube:

What is a Blue Tick on YouTube?

Blue tick found in many social media applications that are used extensively; checkmark with a value expression; It is a channel verification system that shows that a YouTube channel is the original account and not fake.

It stands out as a method preferred especially by famous youtubers. Let’s examine how channel approval can be done in this area that is known to be researched by many users:

How to Verify Channel on YouTube


YouTube channel verification process contains certain conditions. The clearest sign of a verified channel is the blue tick next to the username. Let’s list the conditions necessary to get this:

Subscriber Limit

First of all, on a YouTube channel that is opened, a check mark can be obtained under certain conditions. Making this sign given by YouTube individually and using methods such as YouTube channel verification trick may cause the channel to be closed completely.

After mentioning this important point; Let’s talk about the subscriber limit required to get approval on YouTube: One of the most compelling features to get this approval, which is also known as a badge sign, is that the channel must have passed the 100,000 subscriber limit.

After this number is passed and if it fulfills the other conditions; If the channel does not have the qualifications such as imitation or fake channel, the approval process is started. Now let’s take a look at other features for YouTube channel verification:

Being Reliable

The channel that has been opened; It must represent the person or institution claimed to be. For example, if it was opened as a fashion brand, it should correspond to a tangible response. At this point, different features can be checked by YouTube in order to verify the identity of the channel creator in terms of reliability.

For example, channel age is one of them. In addition, more information may be requested. The goal here is to confirm that the YouTube channel is indeed correct. Let’s continue with another YouTube approval requirement:

Completeness Condition

At this point, the channel applying for the blue tick must be active on YouTube and the channel must have a public feature. The channel that continues to be used effectively; If it meets the other conditions, it will probably get the checkmark.

In addition to these, the channel should also contain icons, descriptions and content. YouTube verification badge exceptions can generally be made through the methods listed above, and are done through the YouTube channel verification badge application form and similar methods.

However, some exceptional users who do not meet the 100,000 subscriber requirement, which stands out as one of the most difficult conditions, can also get approval. The main reason for this is; Although they do not have a very high following rate, they are still widely known and valued channels.

Why is YouTube Confirmation Badge Revoked?

In some cases, YouTube may undo the verification mark. There are several reasons for this:

  • First of all, if the number of users drops below 100 thousand, the badge can be withdrawn.
  • Another reason is; It may be due to changing the name of the YouTube channel after the channel verification is confirmed. Because in this case, it is necessary to apply again with a new name.
  • Other than this, if there is plagiarism in the shared content, it may be canceled again. A YouTube channel whose verification badge has been revoked; Even if they apply for approval again, the probability of being accepted is very low.