instagram-masaustu-cihazlarda-nasil-kulllanilirIf you own or work for a company, I can guess that you spend more time on a desktop computer than on a regular mobile device. Don’t you think this situation is quite difficult to manage your Instagram account? Instagram is an application developed for mobile devices.

So, How to use Instagram on desktop devices? What convenience does it offer to login to Instagram from desktop devices?

You can see all your posts

You can see the posts of the accounts you follow or your own posts by logging in via Just log in to from your desktop devices and enter your information to login.


Have you noticed how easy it is to reply to the comments on your posts on with your keyboard? If your job requires you to reply to comments, you can reply very quickly and effectively on

See Your Followers and People You Follow

Yes, when you log in to your account on, you can see both your followers and those you follow. In addition, you can see the followers on the desktop computer, as well as on other Instagram accounts, on mobile.


Although it seems hidden, you can see the search section at the top of the website. Even if it’s very small, it’s there!

You can search for other users or hashtags you are interested in in the search section.

The search criteria are the same on desktop computers as on mobile devices, that is, you can access searches by typing your name and username.

Hashtag Search

There is no one who does not know how important hashtags are on Instagram. For detailed information about hashtags, you can download the Hashtag User Guide from here. If it’s easier for you to search for hashtags using your desktop computer, you may find the same results as on mobile.

Profile Edit

Yes, you can edit the bio and other parts of your profile with desktop access. Just go to your profile page and click Edit Profile

Manage App Permissions

This is a feature that users are not familiar with and that you can only use on desktop devices.

Do you know how many times you have logged into other applications with your Instagram account? You probably don’t know. I guess this is more than you think.

With, you can log in to which applications with your Instagram account details, by entering this section, you can close your logins to the applications you want. I definitely recommend you to use this feature for applications that you do not know. In this way, you will prevent your account information from falling into the hands of others and unauthorized access to your account.

Click on Edit profile on the left and select Authorized Applications. Here you can see all the applications and you can keep the ones you want and turn off the permissions for the applications you don’t want.

Close Comments

One of the newest updates to Instagram allows you to block negative comments on your posts or comments containing certain words and sentences. Thus, you take precautions against those who want to sabotage your profile. Although it seems like protection for individual profiles, you can also use this feature for some corporate accounts.

Likewise, you can select the comments from the left by clicking Edit profile.

Open New Account

In early 2016, Instagram also launched the feature of opening an account on You can do all the settings on desktop devices as well as on mobile devices. For example, when you want to open a new brand or corporate account, you can do this directly from the desktop.

I shared the features that can be done on desktop devices, it’s time to look at what we can’t do on desktop devices;

  • Instagram still allows sharing from mobile devices only.
  • Emoji usage is again limited to mobile devices only. Emoji characters offer brands and institutions the opportunity to make their sharing more fun. Therefore, it is not possible to access this feature from a desktop device.
  • You can edit the bio part on Instagram application line by line as you wish, but on it is possible to edit the bio part only as a paragraph.

In this article, I tried to share with you the answer to the question How to use Instagram on desktop devices?. Of course, new updates will come later, we will wait and see.

I hope this article will give you the opportunity to use Instagram more effectively in your business and personal life.

You can also share tips on how to use Instagram on desktop devices with me and other readers in the comments section.