instagram hikaye birden çok fotoğraf ekleme

In this article, we tell you; Instagram stories how to upload photos and videos? How to upload our old photos to Instagram stories How do we upload our old photos How can we upload more than one photo to this feature of Instagram? strong> How to make Instagram multiple stories? We will briefly describe them.

instagram hikaye birden çok fotoğraf ekleme

The stories feature, which Snapchat users are used to, is now used on Instagram as well. Added photos and videos can be viewed for 24 Hours and are automatically deleted at the end of this 24 hours. Many of us use the Instagram story feature.

How to Upload Photos to Instagram Stories

We go to the home page to upload photos to our story on Instagram. You can see your profile picture and add a story in the top left part of the homepage. When we say add a story from here, our camera works and we can easily edit and share the photo or video we have taken. The photos or videos we add will be displayed in our story for 24 hours if we do not delete them.

How to Upload Old Photo to Stories on Instagram

We may want to upload an old photo of ourselves to Instagram stories. We can upload photos and videos from the gallery as well as upload the photos we took at that moment to Instagram. We come to the add Instagram story section and open our camera as we explained above.

After our camera is turned on, if we pull the screen from the bottom up, the photos we took within 24 hours will appear at the bottom of the screen. We can choose any of these photos and add them to our Instagram story.

How to upload photos and videos older than 24 hours to Instagram stories can be found in the continuation of our article.

How to Upload Multiple Photos to Instagram Stories

We uploaded a photo to our story on Instagram, but when we want to upload the second photo, we see that there is no add story next to our profile picture in the stories on the main page. When we click on our profile picture, our story opens and we see the photo we uploaded before. In order to add more than one photo and video to our story, we pull the part where the stories are listed with left to right.

So we can open the Instagram story add section again. From here, we can upload a new photo or any photo we took within 24 hours if we want to our instagram story. Every time we repeat this process, we can add multiple photos and videos to our Instagram story.

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How to Upload Photos Older Than 24 Hours to Instagram Stories

As we explained above, it is possible to upload photos taken within 24 hours to the Instagram story section. To add our older photos, we first come to the gallery on our phone and find the photo we want to add.

We want to add this photo that was created more than 24 hours ago; Whether we open it with our phone’s photo editing application or any editing application, we make a small change and save it. (I lighten the photo a little bit and save it) Then when we come to the add our old photos in the add story section, we can see this photo we edited and add it to our story.