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The number of your Instagram followers can be in the hundreds or even thousands. However, Instagram may not be a suitable platform for some businesses and they may avoid using this platform. I shared these social media platforms and their suitability for use in my previous article.

Now, I want to share with you some practical ways to turn your Instagram followers into customers. Instagram, which is a platform with a rapidly increasing number of active users, is a platform with a high return for gaining customers for some companies.

1-     Share Exclusive Content with your followers

Privileged content sharing is one of the most popular elements of social media. It allows your customers to increase and your existing customers to follow your products continuously. At the same time, it provides loyalty to the brand in the long term.

For example, only share photos with your Instagram followers on content that you have not shared on Facebook, Twitter or any other platform before. This makes your followers feel special towards your products and your brand.

Sharing short promotional films about your products, new brand launches and store openings with your followers and offering special discounts to your followers will also increase the interest and follow-up of your brand and make it permanent.

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2-    Share special frames to your company

Creating a profile with content that Instagram users might be interested in is one of the best strategies to use to turn your followers into customers. Thus, by sharing the best shots of your store or business, how your employees spend their time in the company, and your in-house activities with your followers, you involve them in the business. Of course, it is in your hands to share more different and special frames for your business.

For example, you can show your followers a newly released product while it is still in its box, share the photos from the meeting of the Company CEO and the marketing team about new products, and present photos of the before and after of a seminar or conference you have held to your followers.

Tip 1: Instagram is a platform that provides two-way interaction. Therefore, liking the photos of your followers, writing comments and replying to the comments made on your photos, and moreover, tagging those of your followers that may be relevant will increase the interest of your number of followers in your products.

3-     Use Content Generated by Your Followers

One of the best ways for your followers to create and share content about your brand is to organize a contest. It is one of the factors that make it easier for your followers to share your products on their profiles and to comment on them.

At the same time, after you provide your brand recognition, you can announce your followers to share photos with a certain theme and content and get them involved in your activities.

Tip 2: Create hashtags for your campaigns and try to use it consistently. Ask your followers to use these hashtags in the frames they have shared.

4-     Make your followers like you

Because you only share with a photo frame on Instagram, it is more difficult to get likes than any other social media platform. You can increase the interaction with your followers by sharing witty and funny frames and inspiring words on Facebook. On Instagram, this is a slightly more difficult and demanding method.


To make your brand likeable on Instagram and to increase the return of your followers:

–       All Instagram users are amateur photographers. So accept that you are. So,

  • Use and enhance filters in your photos
  • Try to capture squares from different corners
  • Rearrange your photos and combine multiple frames with different applications such as Diptic , Photoshake , Camera+.

–       Symbolize your brand with people so people feel that you or someone else is behind your brand.

  • Share photos or videos of your employees
  • Share photos and landscapes of your company that they can’t see elsewhere
  • Share videos of fun times inside the company

–       Be realistic

  • Don’t make people look like they’re not
  • Promote your products as they are on sales stands
  • Your seniors are people too, and share their cheerful and human side

Tip 3: Another way to increase your customers is to partner with other companies and similar organizations on Instagram. Create mutual benefit by sharing their products. Small, medium and large businesses can also collaborate with other brands.

5-     Organize a contest

Organize competitions where you will give discounted products and various gifts to your followers, especially by developing contest applications from your corporate fan page on facebook.


So how can you do this:

  • Produce a different theme: Consider your customers’ expectations and share frames with content that matches their expectations. Share pictures of the season, sporting events, etc.
  •  Have a wonderful gift:Make sure that the gift you give to your followers is a gift worth sharing with their friends and other followers. Giving gifts related to your target market will increase the interest in your brand.
  • Use the voting system: With the voting system, you can spread your brand and posts virally. Voting is an effective method in this sense. Contestants will share this with their families, friends and other close circles.

6. Choose Your Posts Carefully

As with all other social media tools, the condition of being successful on Instagram is to choose your posts carefully. In addition, do your return measurements very well. For this, you can use free tools like Statigram and Simply Measured that measure the effectiveness of the time and energy you spend on Instagram.

Things to consider in your posts:

  • When are your followers online?
  • What kind of frames and photos do your followers like?
  • Where do your followers come from? Do you need to change your target audience to reach the customer profile you want?
  • Is your brand awareness on Instagram increasing?

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As a result

You can apply the subtleties of increasing your follower base on Instagram, converting your existing followers into customers, and using Instagram by differentiating them later. In order to turn your followers into loyal customers, you first need users who will follow your company and your products. Make your followers feel privileged and organize competitions that will promote your services and products and create brand loyalty.

Images: Instagram accounts and websites of institutions