The “night mode” feature, which has recently been added to new versions of many social media applications such as Twitter, has been added to Instagram with the latest update of the Instagram application, which is frequently used by millions of users. 1-2 months ago, the dark mode feature was integrated in iOS 13 and the new Android 10 as a beta stage. Later, the dark mode feature (Dark Mode), which was available on Instagram for Android Beta users, started to be available on Instagram for iOS operating system users with the new update.

Instagram, the most popular social media application of recent years, is one of the social media platforms where you can share your photos and memories. As such, the users of the Instagram application are increasing day by day. The feature that makes Instagram different from other photo applications is that it contains many filters. Users have the chance to share the photos they enriched with various effects with their friends. Users can make these photos at any level and free of charge.

Some Key Features of Instagram

Photo, Video Sharing
Live Streaming, IGTV Feature
Stories, Featured Stories
Hashtag, Archive, Statistics, Saved

It has many features such as

and Instagram Night Mode. Dark night mode, which is the new feature of Instagram, is not yet available as an additional option in the application. With this new feature, we noticed that iOS and Android operating system users are doing research on the internet about how to use Instagram dark night mode. The main purpose of this feature is that your screens take on a black feature and allow you to have a more enjoyable time without tiring the eyes.

So, how to activate and deactivate the night mode feature on iOS and Android operating system devices in Instagram, which is the trend application of recent years?

How to Activate Instagram Dark Night Mode?

Open the Google Play Store application on your phone,
Tap the three lines on the top left of your screen,
enter the My apps and games tab here,
Find the Instagram application from the results and scroll down the page that opens,Then find the option to join the Beta version and press the join button,
Then go back to the My apps and games tab again,
You will see the Instagram update, you can update your Instagram.
So your phone will now be adapted to the Instagram night mode.

Enter the main Settings on your phone,
Type Night mode or Dark mode in the search term,
Activate Night mode in the search results.
Now, the main theme color of your Instagram has switched to night mode. You can use the night mode feature by entering the Instagram application.

How to Activate Dark Night Mode for iOS?

Enter the Settings section on your phone.
Click on the Screen and brightness option here,
You can use the dark mode feature by activating the dark mode from the screen that opens.
If you have an iOS operating system device, now the night mode feature is available. has become active. After these settings, you can open your Instagram account and enjoy the application using the dark night mode feature.

How to Turn Off Dark Night Mode for iOS?

Thanks to the Dark Mode update in new versions of iOS 13.0 and Android 10 operating system devices, you can use Instagram’s theme in dark mode. Users who activate the Instagram dark mode will have to go to the settings of their device and select Light mode instead of Dark Mode to turn off the dark mode in this version. The iOS version of Instagram does not yet have a feature to activate and deactivate the in-app dark mode.

The Advantages of Dark Night Mode on Instagram

The dark themed screen will tire your eyes less.
You can spend more time on Instagram on the dark themed screen.
You can use your device for longer periods of time.