Instagram is a great app to share your personal moments, but how to sell products on Instagram and what to watch out for Do you know what you need to do?.

If you are a frequent follower of Instagram, you must have seen the instagram and instagram boutiques recently. Especially housewives make handicraft products, cakes and different flavors they make at home and share them on Instagram, thus contributing to the household budget. Just like in these examples, wouldn’t you like to reach millions of people through Instagram, sell your products and talk about your services? ggggmyimg0

I will try to explain to you how to sell products on Instagram in 5 steps below.

1 – Decide what to sell. First of all, decide what kind of products will attract the attention of Instagram users. At the same time, check out the products that are currently sold on Instagram. New and different products will always attract more attention, remember that!

  • The main product sold on Instagram falls under the category of beauty and fashion products. As long as you offer something new, such products have more followers and attract more attention.

2 – Examine successful stores. Examine shopping boutiques and stores that sell products on Instagram. Check out what they’re selling, how they’re selling, and what they’re doing well. Instead of copying the same sales strategy they have applied, develop a new team sales strategies specific to you and your product on Instagram.

3 – Open a store or boutique on Instagram. You can open your own boutique or store by choosing a username that will be memorable and make you special on Instagram. The name you choose should not be too long or difficult to understand. Choose an easy-to-pronounce username. Try not to use numbers in your username. Thus, your customers can easily reach you and the products you sell.

 4 – Use a professional sales system. With Shopier, many boutiques increase their sales by giving their customers confidence. By becoming a member of Shopier, you will immediately have the opportunity to benefit from a sales page, a payment system and discounted shipping prices. Let’s remind you that membership is free, only commission deductions are made on the sales you make.

5 – Use Your Logo as Profile Photo. You can use your logo that belongs to your Store or Brand as your Instagram profile photo.

  • If you don’t have a logo or you can’t make a logo yourself, you can get professional support about it. With a memorable and reflective logo, you will both look more professional and make your Instagram store more recognizable.

6 – Edit your Instagram profile. Concise, interesting, and with products and services of your store that you will open on Instagram. Write a professional caption (bio) about >. Do not forget to include your contact number and e-mail address. You can use the instagram direct application for communication.

You can start sharing your products. Instagram’Share only one photo at a time per day on . In this way, you will not disturb your followers with your successive posts, and your followers can comment on the photos you have shared. Make sure that these photos are of high quality and resolution. In addition to the product photos, be sure to share information about payment methods and shipping under the photos.

Update: To the How to Increase Your Sales on Instagram Effectively in 7 steps? guide that I prepared to make effective sales and increase your sales on Instagram in 2020 here.

Now you can start selling products on Instagram!

You can also share the products you sell and your Instagram store with me below, so you can reach more people with the products you sell.

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