Instagram’da Eski Kullanıcı Adları Nasıl Geri Alınır?

All the details about selling on Instagram, which is one of the most curious topics of all social media users and those who want to trade on social media, are in this article! One of the most popular sharing sites in the world, Instagram continues to reach more and more people every day. As a result of research, it is seen that at least 300 million people spend time on Instagram every day. This situation is quite sufficient to prove the power of the platform.

Instagram, which has many users throughout Turkey, is also a powerful environment for brands or entrepreneurs to make sales. So what are the tricks of selling easily on Instagram? What kind of account management should be done to increase sales? We tried to explain the answers to all these questions for you.

How to Sell on Instagram

Selling on Instagram is an extremely easy process. Moreover, it allows you to reach a large number of people quickly and directly. However, there are points to consider in order to sell easily and effectively.

If you want to sell your products on Instagram, you must first change your account to a business or open an account in this way. After making product entries, you can start selling. However, before selling, you need to promote your account and reach a certain number of followers. Thus, you can easily sell your products and receive a large number of orders every day.

Besides, there are some tips to increase sales on Instagram and make your account stand out. You can read the rest of our article to take a look at these tips.

Set Your Target Audience

Every First of all, you need to analyze the audience you will sell on Instagram. After determining your target audience, you can create an accurate route. You can examine the followers of different stores that sell products similar to the product you want to sell. Thus, you can identify people who want to buy your products and respond to their requests.

En Sevilen Instagram Butikleri Nelerdir?

Corporate A Create an Account

To create an effective sales policy on Instagram, your account must have a professional look. Therefore, you should open a business account. To open a business account or change your existing account, you can follow these steps:

  • First create an Instagram account or log in to your existing account.
  • Go to Settings and click the account tab.
  • Click the Switch to Professional Account button on this tab.
  • Enter and complete the information about your business that is requested from you.

After creating this account Then, take care that the language you use and the shares you will make are done in a corporate style. Thus, you can increase reliability and make your customers happy.

Instagram'da satış yapmak

Take Care of Product Entries

Be careful and careful when entering the products you are going to sell. Upload clear and understandable photos of the products, enter their information completely and be descriptive. At the same time, be sure to pay attention to the compatibility of the product and the description. Incorrect or incomplete product information will undermine the credibility of your brand. This will inevitably cause you to lose your customers.

Care About Visual Quality

Care for product photos and use quality images for professionalism. Upload product photos taken in the right light and exposure to your account. Bad-looking images will not attract followers and will prevent them from turning to your products. At the same time, make the explanations in a detailed and plain language. You can also improve your shares by reading the topic of how to create Instagram quality content on our blog.

Pay Attention to Correct Hashtag Usage

You can drive traffic to your account with the right hashtag. In addition, thanks to hashtags, your account becomes a more prominent profile. Use hashtags to increase the number of followers and ensure that even those who do not follow you see your products. In addition, the correct use of hashtags is also a point you should pay attention to. Remember that you need to add hashtags that are compatible with your products and the general operation of your account.

Share Products in Stories

Sharing the products you are going to sell only as a post may reduce the visibility. You can also share linked content in stories instead. Stories enable your brand to communicate more powerfully with customers. You can use the stories event to present your special offers and share your latest products.

Instagram Engel Kaldırma İşlemi Nasıl Yapılır?
instagram hikaye ürün paylaşımı

Redirect to Your E-Commerce Site

Dire you to your e-commerce site so that your customers can access the products you sell in the posts you make in your account. Pin your site address to your profile and allow followers to see different products. There is no chance to put a link under the Instagram posts. Therefore, the address of your e-commerce site that you share in your profile is an important requirement.


Of course, advertising will be the most effective way to increase sales. It will be easier for users in your target audience to discover you and buy your products. You can run low-budget ads to create a visible profile and have featured content. You can run your advertising work on Facebook Business or Instagram.

Review Other Accounts

With you Check out other accounts in the same industry or selling on Instagram. Investigate what they do, how they follow, and their followers. You can get an idea by examining the sharing styles and content of popular stores that have achieved success. You can benefit from the experiences of other brands to attract attention and be permanent. Thus, it will be easier for you to create your own style and make your road plan.

You can visit to grow your Instagram account and increase your sales. There are many products and services on our site that will contribute to the growth of your Instagram account.

Is it Possible to Sell on Instagram?

It is possible to sell through your Instagram profiles. Instagram will be a huge market for you, provided you capture the necessary content and target audience.

Can it be Advertised?

Sponsored advertisements can be given on Instagram. You can also benefit from popular pages or phenomenal users for the product you want to sell.

What Should I Consider To Sell?

There are a few
tips you need to consider in order to sell on Instagram. You can use our blog post to get detailed information about these tricks

Do I Have to Pay Taxes to Sell on Instagram?

In order to sell on Instagram, you may need to pay taxes according to payment systems. p>

Selling on Social Media is Easy Is it?

You have to work hard to sell on Instagram. You should give importance to content production and always stay in reputation with your followers.

Instagram’da Eski Kullanıcı Adları Nasıl Geri Alınır?
Does Tag Usage Reflect My Sales Figures

It is possible to increase your sales figures by using your Instagram tags correctly.

Which promotion programs should I use when selling on social media?

Mostly called Business Manager It is beneficial to use the Facebook interface advertising program. Because it offers you wide demographic features, target audience settings and advertising options.

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