Yurtdışı Örnekleri ile Instagram'da Elbise Satışı Nasıl Yapılır

Yurtdışı Örnekleri ile Instagram'da Elbise Satışı Nasıl YapılırInstagram is no longer just a platform where you take selfies and share them, the places you visit, the places you see, the food you eat and drink. It is now a platform where brands and institutions that people make money on, carry out their marketing activities, create links to the profiles of bloggers, share products on their blogs and earn income from the promotion of their products.

The trend to generate new income on Instagram now is the sale of clothes on Instagram.

When you search for the hashtags #Instashop and #shopmycloset, #instasale, you will see that people are sharing millions of shares, from the most expensive products to the cheapest products, whether they are brands or not.

For example, when you search with the hashtag #shopmyclsote, you will see related posts. When you find the product you want to buy in the shared posts, write a comment to the seller stating that you want to buy the product. Then the seller will direct you to the payment methods to complete the sale.

Wendy Nielsen, who opened the instagram boutique named Haley’s Closet in California, felt the need to open a boutique as a result of the growth of her business. Nielsen says that he shares 10 products daily on Instagram and that he has made successful sales in a short time thanks to his daily sharing, by responding quickly to the questions asked, by giving accurate descriptions of the dresses to their measurements, and by sharing them regularly.

It would be wrong to say that everyone will benefit or be successful from these advantages offered by Instagram. Meredith Haynes, who lives in Texas, shares that she has been a blogger since 2007 and that she sells clothes that she used before and did not need on Instagram.

He says that he has two big sales times throughout the year, in the spring and autumn months, and he shares about 60-75 items, from dresses to shoes, each time. He says that pricing is very important for selling clothes on Instagram, and reasonable pricing should be made when determining the prices of used clothes.

Most of those who sell dresses and accessories on Instagram are people who own their own boutiques, bloggers and second-hand users. Of course, it is beneficial for big fashion brands and retail companies to add Instagram sales to their marketing strategies. Brands such as Topshop and Marc Jacobs are already actively using their Instagram accounts by promoting products and brands instead of making sales. If a buy button on Instagram is created in the future, I think they will start active sales in these brands.

I don’t know if Instagram will release this feature, but for now, those who want to buy from these brands will continue to buy from websites or stores. If you know how to sell products on Instagram, you can earn money and create side income. Below you can find tips on selling on Instagram and a roadmap on how to start selling.

How to open your own store on Instagram

1. Write clearly who you are in the profile section, so that shoppers know from whom and where they shop.

2. For those who shop from you, make a post with your contract written and give this post a special hashtag. When your customers ask for the hashtag, they will be able to easily find the relevant post. Write your shipping and payment information, whether you sell internationally or not, and even add your email address so that your customers know where to send an email when they have questions.

3. Add the shipping fee to the total sales price and share accordingly. When your customers decide to buy, they shouldn’t have to worry about calculating the shipping fee. In addition, share with your customers that there will be a shipping discount when they purchase more than one product.

4. It’s time to share your products for sale, hashtags come into play more here, you can create hashtags such as #shopmycloset, #instacloset, #instasale and #clothesforsale. (In Turkish, you can create hashtags such as #sales, #sales, #salesselbise)

5. You can receive your payments with paypal in your Instagram sales. For this, you need to open a paypal account first. Many sellers ask their customers to write their e-mail addresses under the product they want to buy, so the invoice is sent to the buyer to pay for the relevant product. You also need to consider the commission fee that Paypal charges.

6. If you write down detailed information about the product you have sold before sending an invoice, your customers will know what they are purchasing. Do not forget to send the invoice within 24 hours after the sale.

I think this post will be useful in addition to my article on how to sell Instagram products in 5 steps, which I have shared before. If you have any questions or tips about selling clothes on Instagram, you can write them in the comments section below.