Instagram has added a new feature to its users. The surprise of the platform, which regularly updates itself and offers different features, was the post scheduling feature. In this article, we will answer the question of How to Schedule a Post on Instagram?.

Instagram is one of the platforms that constantly updates itself in line with the demands of its users. The social networking platform, which always prioritizes the wishes of its users, has introduced another feature that has been requested for a long time.


Instagram Post Timing Feature is one of the new features available to all personal Instagram accounts. Thanks to the Instagram post scheduling feature, users have the right to publish the posts they want at any time they want. Instagram ensures that the sharing takes place automatically at the requested date and time.


on Instagram Using the Post Scheduling featureFor , users must first have a personal account. Instagram users who have a personal account can share the desired post on their account by scheduling.

How to Schedule a Post on Instagram can be answered as follows;

Post on Instagram Users who want to use the scheduling feature must first register with Facebook Creator Studio. Users who are not registered must register by entering the Creator Studio page.

After the registration is created, the Instagram account must be opened and the “Create Post” option must be clicked on.

Click on the “Schedule” option on the screen that will open. From here, you can set the date and time to share the post.

After the date and time are set, Instagram will automatically share the post at the specified time. Thanks to this feature, Instagram users can schedule the posts they want to share during the day at certain intervals.


App for Instagram post scheduling feature Do you need to download can be answered as follows; Some apps can also be downloaded to use the Instagram post scheduling feature. One of these applications is the application called Buffer. Since it is a frequently used application, especially on Facebook and Twitter, it can be downloaded safely.

Buffer applicationIt is possible to easily use the Instagram post scheduling feature by downloading to your mobile phone. The Buffer application can be downloaded and used on both Android and iOS devices.


Buffer application can be easily used by downloading from all application stores. Social media accounts can be managed in a single area through this free application. The Buffer application determines the most appropriate times for users with social media accounts to share on their accounts and allows them to share within these time periods.

How to use the Buffer application can be answered as follows; p>

Buffer application is found from application stores and downloaded to mobile phone. After downloading the application, it is necessary to create an account.

After the account is created in the application, it is necessary to log in to the Instagram account from within the application.

When the Instagram account is opened, the photo to be shared should be prepared by touching the pencil icon at the bottom right of the page.

After editing the photo, the date and time the photo will be shared must be entered by pressing the “Schedule” button on the screen. p>

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