Instagram Engel Kaldırma İşlemi Nasıl Yapılır?

How to schedule Instagram posts; The post scheduling application was made available to all users after the latest update of Instagram. In this way, users can create a sharing calendar suitable for them by sharing certain posts within the desired date range within Instagram. For this, you must first create your “Facebook Creator Studio” record and link your Facebook and Instagram accounts. Then, by following the steps, creating a posting schedule, you can publish the contents in accordance with the calendar you have determined.

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How to Schedule Instagram Posts and Create an Instagram Sharing Calendar

How to schedule Instagram posts; With the account coordination created through Facebook Creator Studio, users can publish the content they have prepared for Facebook and Instagram on the calendars they determine. To create an Instagram sharing calendar:

  • Link your Facebook account and Instagram account.
    For this, you can connect your accounts by going to Settings > Account > Linked Accounts > Facebook from your Instagram account. .
  • Activate your Facebook Creator Studio account.
    To Facebook Creator Studio via link Activate your account by logging in.
  • Prepare a post for a post you have prepared by clicking the “Create Post” tab in Facebook Creator Studio.
    You can prepare a post by clicking the “Schedule” sign next to the “Share” option that appears in this section, and by specifying the time and calendar you have set for your post. In this way, you can prepare your sharing pool for future periods and make arrangements in accordance with your agenda.
  • In your shares; You can add tags, locations, venues and subtitles.
    You can optionally edit tag, location, venue and subtitle options so that your posts meet the right audience, even for the future, and you can prepare your posts accordingly.
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    Schedule for Instagram Story Sharing

    For Instagram story sharing scheduling, you can directly access Facebook or Instagram’s There is currently no support. For this function, you can use the calendar and structure you have determined for your shares by getting support from third-party applications.

    En Sevilen Instagram Butikleri Nelerdir?

    Instagram Post Sharing Tools

    In these days when social media management is an important business item, it has become difficult to both create quality content and manage time. You can use Instagram post sharing tools to use Instagram professionally and lighten your workload. In this way, you will both maintain your standard and attract the attention of your potential audience.

    Later application will allow you to share according to your needs, and will allow you to share even the images you have prepared from the computer in the advancing calendar. . You can share the shares you have accumulated as stock on behalf of your account at appropriate times without making any extra effort. You can prepare posts according to the time you prefer, and update the dates and images of the posts you have prepared before.

    With Planoly application, you can easily plan your Instagram posts on desktop and mobile. Using the application, you can analyze how your posts are seen on Instagram, so you can go for updates. Thanks to Planoly, you can create the best quality content with minimal effort for your account method.

    With Apphi post, you can share your posts without having to log in to Instagram every time. For this, the first thing you need to do is download the application to your device and open an Apphi account for yourself. In the application, you can plan your posts as you wish by choosing one of the options of planning a post, planning by making a collage or planning by reposting.

    Like other applications in our TakeOff list, Instagram has a system based on planning and sharing your posts. You can easily use it for your smart devices with both IOS and Android operating systems.

    How to schedule Instagram posts?

    With the account coordination created through Facebook Creator Studio, users can access the content they have prepared for Facebook and Instagram,

    What does Instagram post planning do?

    You can take your social media management to a professional dimension by planning Instagram posts. You can share your stocked posts at any time you choose without any extra effort.

    What are Instagram post sharing tools?

    Instagram post sharing tools; It can be increased as Later, Planoly, Apphi Post and TakeOff. By choosing one of these tools, you can use Instagram effectively.

    Can I schedule a post on Instagram for free?

    Yes, you can, after adding your Instagram account via Facebook Creator Studio, click on the create post section next to the share option. You can schedule your post by pressing the schedule button.

    Instagram Engel Kaldırma İşlemi Nasıl Yapılır?
    What are the best posting hours for my posts?

    Best post for Instagram hours are between 06:00-11:00 and 16:00-21:00 because according to researches, it has been observed that users use the application the most when they wake up in the morning and when they leave work

    What is the benefit of post scheduling?

    The most important benefit of scheduling Instagram posts is to reach more users. However, with the right timing, you will reach your active audience at the most appropriate time, which increases the interaction of your posts.

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