Instagram'da yapılan yorumlara nasıl cevap verilir?
Instagram'da yapılan yorumlara nasıl cevap verilir?

How to respond to comments on Instagram given?

I had previously shared about how to delete comments and how to follow comments on Instagram. One of the questions I have faced recently is how to respond to comments made on Instagram? shaped. First of all, let me state that, make sure to reply to all comments on your Instagram posts. It is very important to do this in order to increase your Instagram follower count and create interaction with your followers.

I said that you should definitely reply to Instagram comments, but since the comments made are or will be very different from each other, you cannot give the same answer to each of them. For example, how should you respond if someone @tags you in comments or comments by sharing hashtags. In this article, I will try to share with you the answer to the question of how to respond to these and similar comments.

Also, if you are going to reply to a user in the comment section, do not forget to tag the person who commented you using the @ sign.

Compliment comments

Such comments are one of the most common comments on Instagram that you can get to your posts on Instagram. Other users can write compliments for the beauty of your posts and the composition you have created.

If users have actually written compliments on your posts, write comments expressing your thanks to them. In short, comments like Thanks, Glad you like it. If a specific and detailed comment is written, a comment at the same level and level would be ideal.

If the commenter is making a spammy comment, you can decide how to respond to it. Spam comments can usually be in the form of great photos, nice sharing, I follow the follower.

I personally delete these comments when spam comments are made on the posts on my Instagram account. If you do not want to see spam comments on your own posts, you can delete them. Or you can just ignore it. While deleting comments, you can also notify Instagram that the comments are spam. Instagram takes such notifications into account and can lock the accounts of users who do not comply with the terms of use.

Answer to Questions

Have you asked your followers a question in your posts? Or did you want them to tag other users in the comment section? If you have asked such a question, you should definitely reply to the comments made and thank you for the contributions made.

Since the answer you give will vary depending on the question you ask, I cannot say exactly what kind of answer you should give, but you can give your answer individually. You can show that you agree and value the comments made.

Customer service

If one of your followers or customers writes a comment about the service provided to you on Instagram, or if your customers and followers request help from you, be sure to reply to them.

You should answer the questions clearly, accurately and quickly. Your answers should be supportive and show your customers that you value them.

If you want your answer to be private and not visible to others, you can inform the users that you will send a private message to the comments made in the comment section and reply. In this way, you both protect the private rights of customers and users and show your seriousness that you answer the questions asked of other customers.


Some followers can @tag their friends or other users in the comment section. Sometimes it can be just the instagram username, their name or a comment. For example, @username how much does it cost? or @username is a very nice photo. Tags can also be created in the comment section.

In such tags, you can share simple but sincere posts such as Thank you or Thank you for sharing with your friends. Since you know your followers better, you can send them in personal messages via direct message.

If your post belongs to a product sale on Instagram, you can say Thank You by sharing a discount code. If the tagged user comments positively, you can reply to both the tagged and tagged users and tag them. Thus, you can both thank the person who tagged you and turn these likes into sales with the discount code you have given for liking your posts. When other users see your posts, they will also make similar tags in your other posts.

@Spam tags

This kind of tags can be very annoying from time to time. I guess you have come across such spam tags a lot. If they tag you as spam, you can develop special strategies for them.

Also, you can block users who spam tags this way. To block such users, when you click on the three dots at the bottom of your posts, you will see the relevant options.

These are the methods and tips that I can recommend to you. How do you respond to comments on your posts on Instagram? I would also like to know your methods and thoughts. You can share it with me and other readers below!