gönderinin instagramda repost yapılmış hali
İnstagramda Repost Nasıl Yapılır? Resimli Anlatım

Today’s topic is Reposting on Instagram. The content of our topic; I will explain what is instagram repost?, how to repost on instagram? and the most used repost application.

What is a repost?

Sharing another user’s posts on Instagram on our own profile is called repost. With the Repost process, we can share both the post and the articles written under the post on our own profile.

How to repost?

Unfortunately, there is no such feature on the application so that we can repost on Instagram. For this reason, we need to use an extra application in order to repost Instagram.

The first thing that comes to mind when talking about extra applications is the security of our Instagram account. But don’t worry, we do not enter our username and password on the Instagram repost application! We do not give any permissions to the application on Instagram, either. For this reason, if you have fears such as theft of our account, do not worry at all. Pretty safe. Since we are relieved; How to repost with Instagram repost application? Let’s move on to the explanation.

Which is the most used repost application for Instagram repost?

The name of the application we will use to repost Instagram; Repost for instagram. The application is available on Google Play for Android users and Apple Store for iOS users. Now let’s come to how to repost on instagram.

1. First of all, we download the instagram repost application from the application market of the platform we use and install it on our phone.

instagram repost bağlantı kopyalama

2. After installing the instagram repost application, we enter the instagram application and open the repost photo. Click on the 3 dots icon in the upper right corner. In the window that opensClick on the Copy Link option.

kopyalanan bağlantının repost uygulamasına geçişi

3. When we copy the link of the post we will repost, as you can see in the picture above, the application saves the post on the url you copied. At this stage, we exit the instagram application and switch to the instagram repost application. So, we just copy the share URL of the photo that we will repost after entering Instagram and that’s it.

repost uygulamasındaki görünüş

4. When we enter the Repost application, you will see the repost post as you can see in the picture above. Let’s click on the post here.

instagram repost butonuna basıyoruz

5. When we click on the post, you will switch to the screen you see in the top picture. Here, in the small boxes, we can choose where we want the profile name of the owner of the post we repost to appear in the photo. I don’t need to make a choice here because the selected areas are perfectly fine. Let’s click the repost button here.

instagramda repost yapmak için open instagram

6. When you click the Repost button, the screen you see above appears. On this screen, he tells us that we can paste the text of the post we will repost a little later by saying paste it on Instagram. Here we click the Open instagram option.

repostun instagrama aktarılması

7. By pressing the open instagram button, we switch to the instagram application as you can see in the picture above. When we say paste by touching the text area here; We paste the #repost tag indicating that this picture is a repost, the instagram address of the application @get_repost and the text of the post we will repost. If you want, you can delete the application’s Instagram address at this stage. Then we say share.

Note: I’m getting questions like The posts are not coming out while reposting. You can find the answer in the lines above.

gönderinin instagramda repost yapılmış hali

Repost on Instagram The final version of our post looks like the picture above. In the lower left corner of the picture, you can see the profile name that shows who this photo belongs to and the texts at the bottom.

Today, I told you how to repost on instagram? through the most used repost application. I hope it has been a useful article for those who want to repost on Instagram.

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