Hello, dear Instakib Blog readers, We felt the need to write an article about How to open a Facebook account, which is one of the most frequently searched problems by our readers and many people in the Google search engine.

Facebook application is a social media platform founded by American entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg in 2004 while he was still a student. New features have been added to this platform constantly, allowing it to be used with love by users. As such, approximately 1.5 billion users register and use the Facebook application. In this article, we wanted to do some research on how to register on Facebook for the Facebook application, which our readers are also curious about and which is frequently used. So How to Open a Facebook Account?

How to Register on Facebook?

1- In order to register for the Facebook application, first type the address www.facebook.com into the search engine from your phone or computer’s internet browser and log in to the site.

2- Some registration information will be requested in the name of “Open Account” on the upper right side of the screen that opens. This information is also available in the picture below.

Facebook Account Opening – 2020 Instakib

3- In order to register on the Facebook platform, you will need to add your e-mail address or mobile phone number. You can add both your phone number and your e-mail address in this field. If you don’t want to add your phone number to this field, you can add an e-mail address with a hotmail or gmail extension. After registering with your e-mail address, you will still be asked for a phone number to confirm your account. Users who do not want to share their phone numbers with the Facebook application need not have any doubts about it. The Facebook application is completely reliable and never shares your number with a third party and does not send an SMS to your phone if it is not needed.

4- Once you have entered all your correct information in the Name, Surname, Mobile phone number or e-mail, New password, Date of Birth and Gender fields on your screen, when you click on the green “Register” button, your new Facebook account will be opened. From your account, you can access the Facebook accounts of the registered people on your phone. When you add Gmail, you can easily add friends. If you have friends that you can’t find, you can send a friend request by searching for their name and surname from the search button on the screen.

5- In cases where you can get your Facebook account approved and you forget your password for later, it may ask you to confirm from your mobile phone number or e-mail address. When you forget your password, a code will be sent to your registered e-mail address or phone number. After confirming all your information, you can continue to use your account with peace of mind.

After Your Facebook Registration Process is Complete;

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