instagramda urun tanıtımı nasıl yapılır

instagramda urun tanıtımı nasıl yapılırWhen you present a new product or promote it, you can promote it on Instagram as a new product, new season product, etc., using its visuality.

Below, I will share with you tips on what can be shared, when you can share it, and how you can make your Instagram posts visible to more users.

Photo Quality and Design

First of all, you need to pay attention to the high quality of the product photo you will share. That doesn’t mean, get a camera that shoots in high resolution and use it. After the photos you take are not blurry, you can take photos of the quality you want with many smartphone cameras. In addition, you can take pictures by downloading the applications to your smartphone, helping you take beautiful quality photos.

  • Aviary  a free application that offers filters, frames and photo editing
  • Overgram is a free application that allows you to easily and quickly add text to the photos you have taken
  • PicFrame is an app that lets you combine multiple photos and create designs

Photo content

It is necessary to know what to shoot as well as to take beautiful and quality photos. You can take before and after photos like Tanino Therapy does.

At the new product launch, you can share the product with explanations stating the promotional price and duration.

In addition, as I shared in my previous article, you can share not only product photos, but also behind-the-scenes product photos of entertaining content, your employees, the events you organize, and your customers and followers.

Make Short Videos

Instagram allows them to take short 15-second videos and publish them. You can add filters and bookmarks to these videos. The video shared by Glorify Apparel can be given as an example to show that they are promoting a new product.

Those who are creative about video shooting can use the application called Flipagram to create short fun photos and videos with mixed music.

Use Hashtag

If you are a new Instagram user, add hashtags to your photos and videos so that your shared photos are visible to everyone. I recommend you to read my article about what is hashtag and how to use it in social media.

You can add numbers, words and letters as hashtags. Instagram only allows you to write and share 30 hashtags.

What kind of hashtags should I create, especially recently? I get a lot of questions like which hashtag should I use. When promoting new products, hashtags such as #yenisezon #newproduct may come in handy. You can also share your brand and institution by creating hashtags such as #kurumadielbisead. You can find the most used hashtags on Instagram in English here.

When determining the hashtag you will create in general, consider who your target audience is and which hashtags you can use when reaching your products.

Time to Share

Instead of posting at frequent intervals, I think your posts should be continuous, that is, regularly. Determine the number of posts you will share daily, weekly, monthly and try to post regularly. Sharing regularly instead of posting frequently will both increase your followers and expand your promotion area.

If you do not know when to post, you can use the IconoSquare application. Thanks to this application, you can learn the best time to share according to your interaction with your followers. In addition, it is possible to learn the total number of likes, the number of comments and the increase of your followers with this application.

Announcing the Share

Your product is ready and you will launch it by sharing its photos, but this alone is not enough to increase sales. You need to announce your product to wider audiences, existing and potential customers.

In doing this,

  • Link your Instagram account to your Facebook account
  • Follow those who follow you too.
  • Follow your competitors’ followers too.
  • Add your Instagram photos to your blog or website as well.
  • Organize contests with the use of hashtags

In addition to the above, perhaps most importantly, interact with your followers. Write comments on their posts and try to respond to all comments on your posts.