Instagram danismanlik hizmeti duyuru

First of all, let me confess that I have not organized a raffle on Instagram before. Maybe that’s why I haven’t written about it. However, as someone who believes in the power and success of organizing a raffle, I always recommend my circle of friends and those who contact me via e-mail to organize a contest. Finally, I will be able to share with you the methods and details of organizing a successful competition in this article.

The question you need to answer first is: Why do you want to hold giveaways on Instagram?

You can see a few articles about this below.

It can be to increase interaction and communication with your followers. Instagram already allows you to create quality interaction, but holding will increase the existing interaction even more. Thanks to this method, you can get more likes and comments with a little more effort.

There will be a significant increase in the number of your followers. Already lottery organizers will ask you to follow her in accordance with the lottery rules. When you determine the draw and the rules correctly, you will reach your main goal.

The raffle is also another way to reward your followers. The winners will not only win prizes, but also interact and communicate with you and your followers.

As a result, Instagram does not have strict contest rules like other social media platforms. It is entirely up to you what kind of content you share, determine the rules of the sweepstakes, and how you announce the winner.

After finding the answer to the question of why it is necessary to organize a raffle on Instagram, let’s talk about how to organize a raffle.

Promote Relevant Award

First of all, the prize you will give in the lottery must be related to the work you do. For example, it is nice if you are giving iPhone or similar popular products, but it will not be suitable for your purpose because it does not reflect your business and has nothing to do with your business. The product you offer should impress and excite your followers and customers, and should reward your new customers as well.

If you are selling an iPhone instead, it would be more logical to give an iPhone in the competition you have organized. It’s not about giving you a nice, stylish shoe or bag.

Clearly Share That You’ve Got Sweepstakes

Don’t let the posts you make get lost in your followers’ accounts. Let it be clear that you are holding a contest.

Make sure to write that this is a contest on the photo you share. It would be better if you write in capital letters as There is a Draft. Share more clearly that you have organized DRAWN using different symbols and icons.

Create Custom Hashtag

The best way to manage the sweepstakes you have organized is to create a special hashtag. You can also create multiple hashtags. Make sure that the hashtag you create is relevant to your company, products, services, lottery, lottery theme and gift. Ask them to use these hashtags.

In this way, you can easily follow hashtags on Instagram. I can recommend Tagboard for hashtag tracking.

Set Requirements for the Lottery

As you need to clearly define the conditions for the draw, it would also be good to announce these conditions on Instagram.

Would you like those who participated in the draw to follow you? Do you want them to use the hashtag you have determined in their posts? Do you want them to tag your profile account? Do you want them to write information and explanations about the lottery when they share?

As there is no guidance by Instagram on this matter, you are completely free to set the requirements. Just be careful not to make it too complicated.

Specify the Lottery End Date and Conditions Clear

Users need to know when the raffle ends. Is the draw daily, weekly or monthly? Be sure to specify the start and end dates of the raffle.

Protect yourself legally with your sweepstakes conditions. How the winner will be announced, or what else the participants of the draw need to know, should be specified. If your conditions are complex and detailed, you can direct the participants to your website.

Remind The Lottery A Few Times

You need to make the lottery announcement several times. Announce the raffle on your other social media channels and accounts. Invite users and friends from other social media channels to the raffle on Instagram. As I mentioned above, the lottery announcement needs to be announced several times on your Instagram account in order to reach more people. The longer the raffle you have organized, the more users you will reach.

Engage Actively with Sweepstakes

Thank everyone who likes, comments and shares your post. The more you engage and encourage participants, the more positive feedback you will get.


I’ve shared general tips for running a successful Instagram contest or giveaway. The application is very easy to manage and fun. So, what are the lottery and competition methods you have applied? You can reach more people by sharing both your Instagram account and the content of the draw with me below. ggggmyimg0