instagramda sizi neden takip etmiyorlar

Those who read my article titled instagram user before you know. There are users who use Instagram for multiple purposes such as work, family, communication with friends, etc. Therefore, it may be necessary to use more than one Instagram account. Leaving one instagram account and logging into another can be really tiring at times. As you know, instagram does not allow controlling two or more instagram accounts on the same smartphone, uploading photos, liking shared photos. Instagram is an application that only works on smartphones, so managing multiple accounts is not possible on Instagram.

Do you have more than one Instagram account ?

Some apps like Fotogramme, Phonegram (aka Padgram), InstaFollow (Instrack), and Instwogram allow you to use more than one Instagram account. However, some of these apps only allow you to like shared photos and follow new users, while not allowing you to share photos.

Fotogramme A free application that works on iOS-based devices such as iPhone and iPad and allows you to log in to different accounts, discover new photos, follow new users and leave comments on shared photos. ggggmyimg0

Phonegram ( Padgram ) on devices with both IOS and android software, while making it easy to control multiple accounts similarly, on Instagram an application that allows sharing photos through its own application as long as it is installed on the same device. You can review the photos shared with Padgram, and discover photos with different content with hashtag. At the same time youYou can also see unfollowers or unfollowers through the application, and you can also download the photos you like on your device.

InstaFollow ( for android devices) Instrack ( for IOS based devices), strong> is a tool that allows you to log in to multiple accounts and follow who is following you, who unfollowed and passive users who have not shared on Instagram for a long time and adjust your followers accordingly application.

Instwogram It allows you to enter two separate Instagram accounts with two different applications that run on Android devices. I can say that Instwogram is almost a copy of Instagram, but it works like a different application so you can manage two separate accounts. A small detail, before uploading the instwogram, you need to install another application called Sideloading.

To open and control two instagram accounts on the same smartphone, it is possible to download similar but paid apps such as Multigram and Gramatica from the appstore

iPhone, iPad and Android users can search the above applications from the application stores and download the ones suitable for their phones.

If there are other applications that you want to add to this list or if you are using any of these applications, you can share your thoughts about the applications, ease of use, etc., with other readers in the comments section.