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Instagram users’ most curious and the live broadcast feature comes first among the features it shows interest in. Millions of Instagram users open a live broadcast almost every day and go in front of their followers. In this article, we will answer the question of How to Open an Instagram Live Broadcast?.

The popularity of live broadcasts continues to increase in recent years. The users who fit this trend the most are of course Instagram users. Instagram live broadcast feature is one of the features that millions of users use every day.


Instagram live broadcast is one of the features that the platform has put into use a while ago, after heavy demand from users. With this feature located in the stories section, users have the chance to reach all their followers live.

Instagram live broadcast feature can be broadcast live for 1 hour. Followers can see that a user is broadcasting live with the notification they receive, or they can follow them from the stories section at the top of the home page.



Using Instagram live stream feature is pretty easy. An Instagram user who opens a live broadcast can receive likes and comments from his followers during the broadcast. Comments will be displayed on the page during the live broadcast. Users who want this feature can turn it off and not allow comments.

It is also possible to pin the liked messages to the screen during the Instagram live broadcast. All comments other than pinned comments will continue to flow through the screen. In addition, it will be possible to send likes to the live broadcast via the heart picture on the right side of the commented part during the live broadcast.


In addition to the great interest in Instagram Live Broadcast, many Instagram users do not know exactly how to use this feature. There are some steps to follow in order to reach followers by opening a live broadcast on Instagram.

How to Open an Instagram Live Broadcast? The question can be answered as follows;

First of all, the Instagram application It should be checked whether it is using the most recent version. If the version is not up to date, the update must be done first.

After the update phase, the Instagram account must be logged in with a user name and password. After the Instagram is opened, the camera picture in the upper left corner of the main page must be clicked on.

When the camera picture is clicked, the story screen will be displayed. There are different options at the bottom of this screen. Among these options, click on the option that says “Live”.

After switching to the live broadcast screen, the “Start Live Broadcast” button at the bottom should be pressed. Before starting the live broadcast, it is necessary to make sure that the bell icon at the top of the screen is active. If this icon is active, all followers will be notified as soon as the user starts the live broadcast. Thus, more followers can participate in the live broadcast.

After the notification settings are completed, it will be possible to go live by clicking the Start Live Video button. In addition to delivering the live broadcast live to the followers at that moment, it is also possible to record the live broadcast and ensure that it can be viewed from the stories section for 24 hours. should answer the question in the affirmative. Users who wish can end the live broadcast completely by not wanting to record at this stage. The broadcast made by users who approved to record the live broadcast will be kept open to the followers for 24 hours in the stories section.

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