Instagram business account, businesses can promote their products and services for free. They can have an account that will make their business more accessible by specifying their business information. When the account is converted to a business account, users related to Instagram business account management are provided with various advantages that are not available in normal accounts. Businesses can create their own ads using their business accounts to reach their target audience.

How to Convert Instagram Account to Business Account?

To use Instagram more professionally Switch to Instagram business account must be done. Here are the steps to be followed in order to have an Instagram business account:

  • A new Instagram account must be created by entering the Instagram application. If the existing Instagram account is to be converted to a business account, you must log in to the application with the existing account information.
  • Go to the Settings menu from the Profile tab.
  • The Account menu should be opened.
  • Transition to Professional Account The Make button should be clicked.
  • It is necessary to select the desired details about the activities of the enterprise. Then the conversion of the account to the business account is completed. If you want to convert the account back to an individual account, you can switch to the individual account by repeating the same steps.

What to Know When Switching to an Instagram Business Account?

Instagram Important details to know in order to have a business profile are as follows:

  • Since it is not possible to hide business accounts, it is necessary to set the account as public when switching to a business account.
  • The business does not need to have a Facebook page to convert an Instagram account to a business account. However, in order to benefit from the features that Instagram offers to businesses, it is necessary to have a Facebook page.
  • In order to complete the Instagram business account opening, providing at least one of the information such as e-mail, phone number or the address of the business required.

What are the Features of an Instagram Business Account?

The following features can be used after

Open an Instagram business account are as follows:

  • Company owners can promote their companies and reach a wider target audience.
  • It is possible to monitor the statistics from the shares.
  • Instagram business account, it is possible to see how many likes the posts receive on a weekly and daily basis, and which posts are the most displayed.
  • The posts can be directly promoted with a fee so that more people can discover the business.
  • Instagram messages , With post comments and interactive stickers, potential customers of the business can be contacted directly.

What are the Differences Between an Instagram Business Account and a Regular Account?

A regular account The differences between having an Instagram account and opening a Instagram business account are explained below:

  • While it is not possible to create ads in a normal profile, it is possible to make the business more popular by posting ads on the business account.
  • Normal Instagram accounts do not show buttons for direct contact. However, business accounts show buttons with which other users can communicate directly.
  • If there is a place served, it can be seen on the map with the directions feature of the business account. However, it is not a feature in normal accounts.
  • Instagram business account advantages include accessing statistical information. All statistics related to the profile can be viewed with details. However, normal accounts do not have this feature.

What are the Features of the Instagram Application?

Features offered to Instagram users are as follows:

  • The last seen times and activity status of the users spoken in the message section can be seen. These features can be turned off at will from the settings menu.
  • For data saving purposes, the automatic playback options of videos can be changed.
  • To whom the stories should and should not be shown can be adjusted.
  • Posts can be turned off for comments. or tags can be removed from tagged photos. It can be muted.
  • Instagram business account can be shared with Instagram’s new filters to make it more interesting, and favorite filters can be added to favorites.