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Many users who open boutique and make sales on the internet, especially

Facebook And there is the brand. It is possible to encounter such boutiques almost every day. However, the most important element in online sales is undoubtedly visual. Therefore, the location of Instagram as a photo and video sharing platform offers attractive opportunities for entrepreneurs who want to sell on this platform. If you are wondering how to open a boutique on Instagram and if you want to sell products but think about what to sell, then what I have shared before and will give you an idea. You can read my article I believe here.

For those who have an existing product and want to open a boutique on Instagram, I recommend you to read the rest of this article ;))

If you have handmade products such as cookies, cakes, embroidery and you can sell products such as clothing, jewelry, shoes If you have , you can easily sell these products by opening a boutique on Instagram. So How to open a boutique on Instagram?. The answer is in the rest of the article…

1-     Open an Instagram Account

Open an Instagram account by choosing a memorable username for your brand or institution or the products you sell. Write a short (140 characters) profile that tells you about yourself. Do not forget to add explanations such as where and with which cargo and under what conditions (paid, free, etc.) you send the product. Share your phone and e-mail address in the profile section so that your customers can reach you.

2- Share a Photo

Then start sharing your quality and carefully taken photos of your products. You can also use instagram filters when sharing your products. You can take and share your photos directly through the Instagram application, or you can take and share them with your camera. This is entirely up to your preference. Then check out other boutiques that sell similar items or different items. By following the boutiques that interest you, you can both examine their products and see how they sell and get tips from successful accounts. Combine your Instagram account with your other social accounts such as facebook, twitter. Send your Instagram account to your friends and followers and ask them to follow you. ggggmyimg0

3-     Write Product Descriptions

Make sure to write clear and precise definitions about your products. The descriptions you make are as important as the photos of your products. You should write down the price, color, brand, size and, if any, important features of the products with your followers and customers.

4-     Share Payment Method

You shared the prices of your products in the description section, but how will you receive the payment? If you do not have a trust problem with your customers, you can sale by money order or EFT method. However, you can accept payment via paypal until mutual trust is established. You can ask the buyers to leave their e-mail addresses under the photo of the product they purchased and send them an invoice via paypal. When submitting a payment request, also include the product name, sale price and your Instagram account. This is important to let buyers know from whom, what they are buying, and how much. In addition, if you accept payment by cash on delivery method, you can share it with your customers and sell in this way.

5-     Product by Cargo shipping

You started selling on Instagram. You have also received your payment. It’s time to pack and ship the product. If you have made sales via Paypal, do not forget to add the cargo information to paypal. There are many cargo companies operating in Turkey. You can send your products to your customers with the most suitable one for you.

In spite of its establishment in 2010, Instagram gained rapid growth momentum and in 2012, it entered Facebook’s field of attraction and was bought by Facebook with the highest selling price in recent years. Continuing its growth after the acquisition, Instagram grew by 23% last year, while Facebook grew by 3%. Do not be late to take your place in this rapidly growing social platform. In addition to my posts above, you can open a boutique on Instagram and increase your sales with the following short tips.

–          Always use hashtags when sharing your products. Create special hashtag for you and the products you sell. You can read my article about the hashtag I shared before.

–         Determine your sharing time very well. Post when your followers are most active. Make sure to post 2-3 times a day 3-4 days a week. Do not spam by posting repeatedly. You can read my detailed article on this subject here.

–          You have as many followers as you have on Instagram. Therefore, follow the people who will be your target audience to increase your followers. Write comments on their posts, ask questions. Commenting on products and commenting on posts in other boutiques or on your followers’ profiles will both gain followers and increase your sales.

–         Be polite and courteous in your posts. Do not use rude words and sentences.

–         Either add the shipping cost to the sales price or specify it separately. But share with your followers that you are clear about this.

–          Always ask your customers for confirmation that they have received their products. If possible, they can share their purchases under the product. You can also take a photo while using the product and ask them to share it on their own account and send it to you.

Shopping on Instagram is a fairly new concept, but it is just as popular. You can also make new friends on Instagram this way.

Well, Do you want to open a boutique on Instagram or do you own a boutique? I would like to know your thoughts and suggestions too. I would be very happy if you share it with me in the comment section below. ggggmyimg1