İkiden-fazla instagram-hesabı nasıl-yönetilir

İkiden-fazla instagram-hesabı nasıl-yönetilirI previously shared an article titled how to open two instagram accounts on the same phone . Those who read my article will remember that Instagram users can use more than one Instagram account for many different reasons. You may be using an Instagram account, one for personal use and one for your institution or brand. You may want to open different Instagram accounts for more than one of your brands. If you are an agency owner, you may need to manage multiple clients’ Instagram accounts. Regardless of your reason, Instagram does not allow you to manage multiple accounts, as in my previous post.

It’s easy to control multiple accounts on Twitter. On Facebook, switching between profiles and pages is similarly easy. LinkedIn offers similar convenience, but managing multiple accounts on Instagram can be difficult as well as boring at times.

Although many marketers struggle with the limited features that Instagram offers, it is actually important for the stability of the platform. However, I also want this feature to be developed in order to provide ease of transition between two Instagram accounts.

Below, I will share with you how to manage more than two Instagram accounts.

Mobile devices are the only way to upload photos and videos to

Instagram. You can easily see this when you read the Instagram user agreement. In addition, in the article I shared before, you can also download from your desktop computer through various applications. Technically, such things are possible, but risky.

I personally say do not install third-party software and applications just because I will be installing from a desktop computer. Some users can do this easily because they understand the technical parts better. You can do it too, but you would be violating the Instagram user agreement. In this case, you run the risk of freezing and stopping your account.

Although precautions should be taken, I can recommend Schedugram, which is a paid application. Instagram closed Schedugram once before, but it has reopened and continues to be a popular app. At the same time, Instagram similarly closed various companies. Therefore, you not only hand over your personal information to a company in a foreign country, but also risk having your Instagram account suspended or closed when Instagram management notices it.

You can use other applications, but this is entirely at your discretion. As I mentioned above, you can only upload photos with the mobile application of Instagram.

So how can you use multiple accounts on Instagram? Let me explain briefly about it. First of all, you need to open an Instagram account with separate email addresses for each account. For example, you can use your personal e-mail address for your personal use and your business e-mail address for your institution.

To log out of an Instagram account and switch to another Instagram account, you need to log out of someone and enter that account by entering other account information. When logging into each account, you must enter the user name and password of that account. This can be a time-consuming and tedious process, but it’s currently the only official way to switch between two accounts.

Judging from what I shared above, Instagram offers limited use. However, I have another suggestion for you to manage your different Instagram accounts. Besides uploading content, you can control your Instagram account from your desktop computer.

I personally recommend using Hootsuite . You can create an instagram tab in Hootsuite. Thanks to this tab, you can see more than one Instagram account. You can see tags, hashtags and your own posts.

In this way, you can like and comment on other users’ posts. You can also reply to comments on your own posts. Apart from sharing content on different accounts, you can do your daily interactions with your followers directly from your computer.

I’m sure this is not the answer you’re looking for, but due to the Instagram terms of use, these rules should be paid attention to. In the future, Instagram may remove this restriction, but for now, it does not seem possible to officially use more than two Instagram accounts at the same time. I hope these shares and recommendations have helped you to make your Instagram shares easier.