Instagram'da Reklam Verirken Dikkat Etmeniz Gereken Kurallar

Instagram, one of the most popular applications among social media platforms, is constantly interacting with more than 300 million people a day. The platform, which you can use personally and professionally at any scale, allows you to share photos, videos and stories with your followers. By opening professional, business and content producer accounts, you can announce your name and brand to your target audience with the right strategies. With the advertising campaigns you run on behalf of your business, you can increase your conversion and sales rates by creating brand awareness in your customers. It is not impossible for you to walk step by step to your target point by using the power of social media. All you need to do for this is to learn how to use your Instagram account effectively. In this article, which we hope to shed light on, we will discuss in detail how to manage an Instagram business account.

Why Instagram Business Account Should I Prefer?

If you have opened an Instagram account on behalf of your business, the first move you need to do is to switch to a business account. By taking advantage of the privileges of the business account, you can access the opportunity to better announce your brand. It is possible to easily access statistical data that you cannot access from personal accounts, from business accounts. A few privileges that a business account provides;

  • Statistics: You can analyze the information of how many people you can access during the activities you perform in your account for 7-day and 30-day periods. By learning the demographic information of the audiences viewing you, you can update your advertising campaigns accordingly and advance your content planning with the most accurate strategies. is that you can run advertising campaigns on behalf of your brand. You can create promotions by highlighting posts suitable for your concept at any time.
  • Opening a store: You can open a virtual store on Instagram in addition to your physical business. You can reach different demographic audiences by moving your business beyond domain customers.
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Tips to Improve Your Instagram Business Profile h2>

The area where brands will create the first impression on customers is of course Instagram profiles. Small nuances you will make in your profile in order to influence your target audience will both affect your number of followers and enable you to move your brand to a different point. Here are a few tips for you…

En Sevilen Instagram Butikleri Nelerdir?

submit a biography

You can move your brand’s Instagram account bio to a professional spot in a few minutes possible. At this point, you can idolize the significant businesses in your industry or bring your creative ideas to the fore. Remember that your bio is a reflection of your profile, just as the eyes are the mirror of the heart. A user who logs into your Instagram profile can have an idea about your business in seconds by looking at your bio. That’s why there are items that must be included in your business account’s bio. While these vary depending on the perspective of the marketer and the situation of the business, don’t skip the essentials.

  • Your brand’s slogan
  • Link to your website
  • Your business address
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    Add link to your profile

    The most important way to increase organic visitors in Google algorithms will be to add your site’s link to your business profile. A customer who has purchased a product of your brand or benefited from its service will visit your Instagram profile at least once. Adding a link to your site in your bio will greatly contribute to your traffic.

    Choose a professional profile picture

    Another criterion for users to evaluate their Instagram account is their profile picture. Bringing your profile picture to a professional dimension is very important for your brand name. The following may be an alternative for your business profile picture;

    • Brand’s logo
    • Logo sign (brand name in addition to logo)
    • Brand mascot

    You don’t have to limit yourself to these alternatives. Your creativity will make the best decisions about your profile. Your unique and interesting work will make a difference and amaze your customers.

    Instagram Business Account Management Tactics

    When managing your Instagram business account, a few tactics that can help you better expose your brand will greatly ease the burden of your social media work. Here are tactics you can easily implement in your account…

    Set brand goals

    Setting short and long-term goals through the marketing channel you use will help you determine your brand’s rise route correctly. If you want to direct your investment of both time and money in the most efficient way, it is useful to ask yourself what you want to achieve. A few goals you need to set in order to maintain your presence on Instagram in the most effective way:

    • Exhibiting the product or service portfolio in the most accurate way
    • Working to increase brand awareness
    • Exhibiting company culture and values
    • Managing advertising campaigns to gain access to potential customers
    • Working to increase brand loyalty
    • Sharing current news about the company
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    Create color harmony in your profile

     You know that the most successful accounts on Instagram adhere to a certain concept and color combination. In fact, this is the most basic step in building a brand. For example; If you are a store that sells baby products, you may prefer posts with soft color tones because babies symbolize innocence and cleanliness for many people. If you are a company that supplies auto parts; By choosing sharp colors that contain black and its tones, you should make shares that will gain the trust of customers. The sector you are in will guide you in the styling criterion.

    Instagram Engel Kaldırma İşlemi Nasıl Yapılır?

    Be consistent in your fonts

     Texts in photos and videos shared on profiles have gained great importance since last year. Adding video subtitles has become a must for users who prefer to watch videos with the sound off. Do not forget to add subtitles to the advertising videos that you will publish in your business account. In addition, do not forget to choose the fonts associated with the fonts you use on other platforms. Thus, you can enable your customers to connect between accounts, and you can stay in mind thanks to certain fonts.

    Make sure to make post descriptions

    The description sections under the posts are very important for improving your posts. By using these fields, you can give detailed information about the product whose image you share. Or, you can announce to your customers the discount campaigns you organize for holidays, New Year’s Eve, etc. Also, don’t feel restricted in these areas because you can write up to 2200 characters.

    Ensure continuity in your posts

     When you set a certain posting frequency on your Instagram profile, you can ensure that your customers will be remembered. For this reason, set content programs in the form of weekly or monthly plans in agreement with your marketing group. According to a study, it has been determined that many brands that have gained global fame share their Instagram posts every day. According to the average taken by examining the profiles of the brands, it was revealed that the daily sharing frequency is 1.5. It was also found that there was no correlation between the frequent sharing interval and low participation. In other words, brands that post more than twice a day do not face a bad effect.

    Detect your successful posts

    A business must analyze the trends and shopping habits of its target audience. This provides a great benefit in determining effective sales strategies. In order to determine the trends, you can review your successful posts that have received the most interaction. You can easily translate the analytics provided by your business account to your conversion goals.

    Respond to comments on your posts

    Never leave comments on posts and messages in your inbox unanswered. These areas are very important for the sustainability of your brand, as they allow you to contact customers directly. In this way, you can show your professional and sincere sides to your customers and create an indestructible brand community. According to a study, 90% of consumers recommend brands that interact with them to other people. Listening to your audience and considering their wishes and demands is vital for the formation of your brand’s advocates.

    Instagram’da Eski Kullanıcı Adları Nasıl Geri Alınır?
    instagram işletme hesabı büyütme

    Instagram Business Account Growth Strategies

    Growing your Instagram business account, directly increasing your follower count means. The increase in your followers increases your potential customers, which ensures the growth and recognition of your brand. Strategies you should definitely use to grow your Instagram business account:

    Use hashtag

     Hashtags have had a great role in categorizing content on every social media platform. With hashtags, you can enable Instagram users to reach your brand and product easily.

    Share your Instagram content on Facebook

    If you want to make your posts reach wider audiences, what you need to do is to switch between platforms. How Does? By sharing the posts you share on your Instagram account, on your Facebook account. Posts shared on Facebook via Instagram attract a lot of attention from users.

    Add a brand face to your posts to increase participation

    According to a study, 1.1 million Instagram images were viewed. Many images of different concepts, with and without a brand face, were included in this review. According to the results of the research, posts with a brand face received;

    • 38% more likes
    • 32% more comments compared to those that do not.

    Increasing your engagement rates will increase your reachability to different people and therefore will directly affect your growth.

    Start an advertising campaign on Instagram

    The biggest privilege of the business account, the advertising feature, provides great benefits for the growth of brands. Users use Instagram to follow their interests, from fashion to travel, from travel to art. With the advertising campaign you will carry out on behalf of your business, you can pinpoint your target audience. Thus, you can convey the story of your brand’s product or service to your customers in the most effective way. You can configure Instagram ads according to the audience you want on the scale of demographic information and users’ interests.

    Effective Sharing Ideas for Instagram Business Account

    To grow your brand name, you need to take care of your Instagram posts. At this point, in the part where you manage to attract the attention of the masses with creative and effective ideas, there will be no obstacle in front of you to achieve absolute success.


    Share quotes that appeal to your customer audience

    Recently, there has been a great deal of interest in quotes on Instagram. “How right is it to get caught up in the popular trend?” Don’t think so. You can evaluate your own creative ideas in the quotes you will use in Instagram posts. With quotes, you can convey your brand’s vision to your followers and highlight your strengths.

    Instagram Mavi Tik Nasıl Alınır?

    Organize sweepstakes and contests

     The contests and sweepstakes you will organize are the biggest moves that will help you get a lot of interaction and get around from one language to another. These activities, which you will carry out with the right method at the right time, will have positive feedback for you.

    • Increasing brand awareness
    • Providing an incentive for page following
    • Providing an incentive for interactions
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    • Building a stronger brand community

    A few contest ideas used by famous brands that will enable your followers to trigger their talent and creativity:

    • Photo sharing contest: Photo contests where you will require the use of a certain hashtag attract the attention of the followers to a great extent. For example; There was great interest in the photography contest that Starbucks held for its followers using the hashtag #RedCupContest.
    • Comment content contest: In comment-based contests, you can request your followers to comment under a certain post and tag their friends. This breakthrough will help you to reveal the virality of your brand.
    • Like contest: The draws you will make in return for the likes of a post you want to interact with will not be troublesome to the users. You can increase your participation rates with this type of easy competitions.

    Share content for the trends

    Be sure to follow the trends that general users are oriented towards. In order to increase the current excitement, make posts that will highlight your brand. For example; Sharing content with a Christmas trend this time of year will attract the attention of the masses.

    Use Instagram stories

     The most interacted areas on Instagram are undoubtedly the story area. Using this feature of Instagram, which allows users to share photos and video content for 24 hours, provides great advantages to brands. Instagram stories allow marketers to tell better and deeper stories about brands in a practical way. Sharing at least one story content every day will ensure that your brand is not forgotten.

    Use user-created content

    You should not only get support from your professional team at the point of creating content on behalf of your brand. You should encourage your brand community to express inspiring ideas by creating spaces that allow it to express itself. UGC is a marketing strategy that represents user-generated content (image, video, text). Many famous brands have used this method. In the light of a research, 50% of users stated that they trust UGC content more than professional media content.

    Instagram'da Reklam Verirken Dikkat Etmeniz Gereken Kurallar

    Try Boomerang

    Boomerangs allow several photos in a row to create a GIF-like image. Boomerang posts can help you use your creative content ideas.

    Share behind the scenes of your business with your followers

    Sharing videos and photos of your employees helps you highlight the human side of your brand. In this way, you can give your followers a different perspective and make them feel that they are a part of your brand.

    Display your products with creative ideas

    Instagram is a great platform that allows you to share your products or services in an interesting way. Showcasing the uniqueness of the product or service you are marketing to your potential customers can help your brand grow. You can base this on the following ideas:

    • Show your product or service with demo videos. For example; If you are a business that sells cleaning products, a short video showing how successful your products are in removing stains from laundry will be intriguing.
    • Share to show the uses of your products. For example; you are a business that sells vacuum bag products, you can tell your followers how to use the vacuum bag step by step with photos.
    • Share customer stories and experiences.

     How to manage an Instagram business account, content and You can make improvements by discussing in detail with your marketing team. So you can turn your Instagram followers into customers.

    What is an Instagram business account?

    It is an account type that allows businesses to better transfer their products or services to their followers, with a few privileges compared to personal accounts.

    Is Instagram paid for business account?

    You don’t need to pay any amount to open an Instagram business account.

    How to manage an Instagram business account?

    In order to manage your Instagram business account, you should increase your number of followers by posting in accordance with your target audience and current trends.


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