Instagram has announced that it has made two major innovations as of yesterday. Instagram Live Stream and disappearing photos and videos shared on Instagram Direct.

The Live Stream feature, which is a feature of the

Instagram Stories section, allows you to share videos with your followers in real time.

The most basic feature that distinguishes the

Instagram Live Stream feature from other live broadcast applications is that the shares disappear as soon as the live broadcast ends. So you don’t have a chance to watch it again.

In addition to the Live Broadcast feature, Instagram allows users to send each other lost photos and videos, just like Snapchat, in the Direct Messaging section.

The disappearing photo and video feature is starting to be used by all users as of today, but the Live broadcast feature will be used all over the world in the coming weeks. Let’s take a closer look at these two new features.


Live Streaming feature on Instagram helps you interact with your followers live instantly. You can go live from the Instagram stories camera with a few steps, the video will disappear automatically after the live broadcast is over. Thanks to this situation, your followers will immediately start watching you in order not to miss your live broadcasts.

You can watch how the live broadcast feature works in Instagram stories from the video below.

How to Share Live Video

Streaming live video on Instagram is actually very simple, you need to drag the screen to the right on Instagram to open your camera, select Live Stream and click Start Live Stream.


Live stream on Instagram It can take up to an hour and when you start the live broadcast, your followers will receive an informative message so that your followers can interact with you by joining your live broadcast.

During the live broadcast, you can either leave the comment section open, or you can publish a message for everyone to see. Thus, the interaction will be higher as your followers will understand more easily what you are broadcasting on.

How will other Instagram users know that you are live?

Since the Instagram videos will be deleted immediately after the live broadcast ends, it becomes equally important to follow the best live broadcast and the live broadcasts of the Instagram users you follow.



Instagram Explore option will instantly show that users who are live on Instagram stories are live under their profile accounts, and the most watched live broadcasts will be shown at the top. You will be able to switch between live broadcasts by swiping the screen left and right.

So, How Should Brands Use Instagram Live Streaming Feature

1-   Organizing a Q&A session in the office

The live broadcast you have done to answer the questions from your followers is one of the best interaction methods. Your followers thus have the opportunity to interact with your colleagues behind the scenes and ask questions about the company or product.

2-   Announcements

Social media is a two-way street with an inbound and outbound. You get the best feedback when you listen to your followers and share content for them.

When you celebrate new products or new announcements with live broadcast, you will announce your new product to the whole world. For example, Nissan announced its latest model live at the New Yok Auto show.

3-   Behind the Scenes

Many brands are already sharing their Instagram stories with images of what is going on behind the camera of their brands. Thanks to the Instagram live video feature, many brands, celebrities and social media influencers will use behind-the-scenes images to create stronger interaction with their followers.

4-   Interviews, Interviews

Of course, not everyone can be expected to interview or interview celebrities, but various interviews can be made with my colleagues or sector representatives or experts in their fields. For example, you can interview your designer about how he/she creates the designs of your latest products, and you can conduct various interviews with famous bloggers.

5-   Experimental content

With Live Video, you can try new and untested things to create difference and awareness.

The video of taping and blasting the Watermelon, which was broadcast live on Facebook by Buzzfeed, was watched live by 800 thousand people and the video reached 11 million views.

Photos and videos disappearing in Instagram Direct

Another feature that Instagram released today is the disappearing photos and videos sent to Instagram Direct. With this feature, Instagram is once again one step closer to Snapchat. Instagram increased the number of Instagram Direct users from 80 million to 300 million with its updates and innovations.

You can watch how lost videos and photos work in Instagram Direct from the video below.

How to send lost photo and video on Instagram?

To post disappearing photos and videos on Instagram, swipe the camera to the right and take a photo or video, then click send. ggggmyimg2

After clicking the “Submit” button, you can send your images to previously created or re-created groups, as well as to your individual followers and contacts. These images are deleted from their mailboxes after users see what you have sent once. You can also see if they take screenshots or rewatch.

Today, I shared with you the latest update released by Instagram. In this article, How to Live Stream on Instagram? How to send lost photos and videos on Instagram? Also, How should brands use Instagram Live Streaming Feature?? > I tried to answer your questions.

So, what do you guys think about this latest update of Instagram? Have you tried the live broadcast feature on Instagram? Will the competition with Snapchat heat up with this update? I would appreciate it if you would share it with me and the readers in the comment section.