instagram-followers1Instagram is now the most popular social network with its growth rate and number of users. So much so that, let Instagram create its own revenue model and earn money, individual users who have an account on Instagram have already started to generate income thanks to the accounts they have opened and the thousands or even millions of followers they have. Of course, our main subject is neither the income model of Instagram nor the aforementioned social media riches. The main issue is how to create a follower base and increase the number of followers on Instagram, the most popular social media platform of the last period.

Instagram is a social network that offers its users the opportunity to share the photos they have taken with their followers by using different filters and adding hashtags to the photos. Considering the growth rate of last year, Instagram, which has grown faster than many other social platforms, is actually an initiative that is the target of many companies, as it targets young people.

So, how can you increase the number of your followers in a social network that is in such demand, how can you reach millions of wonderful shots you have taken? I would like to share a few tips about this with you below.

1-   Post Frequently and Regularly

There can be nothing more boring than an Instagram account that is updated occasionally, or even very little. If you’re posting once a month, you won’t be able to attract anyone’s attention, you need to regularly post 2-3 photos a day. For example, you have a company where you design fashion products, if you take photos of your different products and share them regularly on your profile, you will both increase the number of your followers and attract more attention.

2-    Share without disturbing other users

Sharing regularly and sharing without offending people are two different things. You don’t have to share every frame you take, be selective. Make every photo have a meaning and your message should be clear.

3-    Share Interesting Frames

No one is born to be a born professional photographer. However, capturing different and interesting frames and sharing them will draw the attention of the followers to your account. For example, if you are taking a photo of furniture, you can take different photos from a different corner and share them.

4-    Tag Your Posts

Tag all the photos you share. Use trending tags to reach more people with the frames you have taken, and create custom tags and share regularly. This sets you apart from others and impresses your followers.

5-    Organize Contests

Another way to build more followers is to organize a contest. There are countless and different ways to organize a contest, but the important thing is to organize a creative contest. Instagram users like new and fun things.

6-    Communicate With Your Followers

Another way to increase the number of followers is to communicate with other users. Comment and like the photos they have taken. Make sure your comments are kind and respectful. Because you are respected as much as you respect and that is how you build your own personal brand.

7-    Share on Other Social Platforms

Many Instagram users also have Facebook and Twitter accounts. Therefore, link your Instagram profile with your other social media accounts and allow your photos to be published on these accounts. So you will have new followers.