In this article, we will tell you what we should do to increase the number of followers on Instagram. How to get followers on Instagram in a short time. is increased (to gain followers) we will talk about these.

Instagram Followers Increase (Follower Weight)

You can find the most effective methods to increase followers on Instagram in our article.

Instagram has become our new door to the world in social media. Now we can reach anywhere in the world with a photo.

Thanks to

Instagram, companies can deliver their products, photographers’ photos, authors’ books, politicians’ thoughts, artists’ lifestyles, housewives’ meals to hundreds of thousands of people (some of them appeal to millions) with just one photo. No matter what status we are, there is an audience on Instagram that we can address, don’t forget that. Don’t say “who will follow me”.

The first thing anyone who uses

Instagram wants is a large number of followers.

Don’t get me wrong, one of them is mine 🙂

How to increase the number of followers on Instagram. How to increase our follower count on Instagram, let’s explain step by step starting from the beginning.


The choice of username on Instagram and its effects on the number of followers

InstagramOur username is very important, don’t forget that. Our username should be as short as possible, catchy and describe us. People should not forget our username, they should come to mind immediately. Because the most followers advertise an account. One tells the other, he tells the other… it goes on like this.

We set our username and opened an Instagram account. Zero posts, zero followers, zero following. So we are at zero right now. How can we revive this account, how to increase our followers (as the people say how to gain followers on Instagram 🙂
what we need to do to increase followers on Instagram step by step,

The place of profile picture in increasing followers on Instagram

We are entering our newly opened Instagram account. The first thing we have to do is set ourselves a profile photo. An account with a profile photo is more likely to be followed than without. Do not forget this. The more eye-catching the profile photo we choose, the more likely people are to be curious and visit our profile. Have such a profile photo that; pull people by the arm and bring them to your profile. We succeeded in the first step, we attracted the visitor to our profile. After that, depending on the quality of the photos you share and the interest of the person visiting your profile, it will return to you on a follower basis.

The effects of Instagram profile information on the increase in the number of followers

Make sure to fill in your profile information on Instagram. Your profile information is the first place someone who visits your page looks at. Describe your profile in a polite and cheerful way. As soon as you can give positive energy to the people who read your profile, they will press the follow button, be sure.

Put the link of our website on Instagram profile information

If you have a website (personal blog or any web page), let’s write it in the field in our profile. Those who come to the profile should say that there is even a web page 🙂 Let’s rise a little higher in their eyes. Remember, in order to increase followers on Instagram, we must raise our profile to a sufficient level in the eyes of the people who visit it. I call this the threshold to follow on Instagram . If you can go up to that threshold in the eyes of the user, the user will follow you. I see that some people write their facebook and twitter addresses on the web page. I definitely do not recommend it. Your other social media account addresses that you write in the web page section do not have the same effect, on the contrary, they look unprofessional and reduce the probability of users following you on Instagram.

We have filled our Instagram profile, now it’s time to make the first posts. If there is no photo on our Instagram page; people don’t follow us rightly. We carefully select the photos we share. At this stage, we have to be very careful. We shop for our photos as much as we deem necessary, without disturbing their naturalness.

If you do not have a photo shop program on your smartphone; We recommend you to read our article “Best photo editing programs“.

We write our instagram username (again using one of the photo editing programs) in a corner of our photo (usually the lower right corner). As for the reason for this; Let another account steal and use our photo that we created with a lot of effort. At least you can’t use the whole photo. Another reason is that when people browsing through google image searches see our photo, our username catches their eye. Instagram after thousands of forward-looking posts our profile will settle in the brains more easily this way.

The importance of using hashtags in increasing followers

First of all, if we don’t know what a hashtag is, What is a hashtag? they can read our article.

Before sharing the photo we prepared, let’s write a short article under it. Let’s impress people not only with photography, but also with our feelings and thoughts. If possible, let’s write the important words in this article with the ”# hashtag” sign, that is, let’s use the important words as hashtags. For example, when sharing a nature photo, let’s specify where the photo was taken as a hashtag; Those who are curious about the place and search should see our photo as well. In the meantime, let’s make a short note: “under normal conditions!” You can enter a maximum of 30 hashtags. I left a link below for those who want more tags 😉

Those who want to write more than 30 hashtags; How To Make More Than 30 Hashtags On Instagram? they can read my post 😉


Another important note, let’s use our hashtags correctly. A photo we share on Instagram can go well with the right hashtag choices. We talked about this in our article “ Correct use of hashtags on Instagram ”.

Let’s share at least nine photos we prepared in this way, more is better. These photos will make our page look full. When people who come to our profile encounter a blank page, they immediately leave our profile.

Increasing followers on InstagramWhat we have done so far on behalf of ; it was to lay a solid foundation for our instagram profile. Now, let’s rise on these solid foundations without fear in order to increase followers on Instagram.

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You’ve probably heard the term herd psychology. People prefer crowded restaurants to eat, go to crowded stalls in markets, etc. that is, if a lot of people prefer a place, we think that there is a reason and we go to that point. This is also true on Instagram. If an account has too many followers, we see it as an account that needs to be followed psychologically and we join the caravan of followers of that account. The follow-up rate of accounts with few followers is quite lower than accounts with many followers. That’s why I recommend you to buy followers in the first place. Yes, you heard right, even though this is not an ethical behavior, we need to do this and ensure that those who enter our profile are herds.

Increasing the number of instagram followers by buying followers

In order to revive your Instagram page, you can buy instagram Turkish followers or instagram foreign followers. My advice is to get Turkish followers. Turkish followers look more realistic on our account. Apart from these, we can divide the followers we buy for our page into two parts. These are instagram bot followers and instagram real followers.

Buying a bot account

Bot accounts; they consist of thousands of fake accounts opened by some people. Bot accounts only show our number of followers high, they do not like or comment on our post. (In order to get bot accounts to like or comment, you need to pay an extra fee and buy a different package. This is a different method to increase the number of followers on Instagram. You can find this topic in the continuation of the article)

Buying real users

Yes, you heard right, you can buy instagram followers from real users. There are free follower boost sites on Instagram. You log in with your Instagram username and password. Those who enter the system automatically follow each other and increase the number of followers. Well, the people who open these sites are opening these sites for the sake of their father. Of course no. These site owners, who see your Instagram username and password open and open in their systems, sell thousands of real profiles in their hands by following people who want to gain followers. In fact, if you have an account with many followers, it is even possible that your account will be completely stolen. We do not recommend you to enter these sites to gain followers.

Where and how to buy real or bot followers

If you want to buy followers safely at an affordable price, you should enter the webmaster forums. Wmaraci and r10 are two forum sites that I can recommend to you. If you enter the subject of Instagram in these forums, you will see advertisements in the style of 1000 bot followers 5 lira, 1000 real followers 40 lira. Here you can get followers without any hesitation. The person you get followers from just asks for your username and tells you not to keep your account private. Do not trust people who ask you for your account password.

To gain followers on Instagram by following them

Increasing followers on InstagramFor , the most applied method by users is follow-up. You follow an account and expect it to follow you on that account. The rate of return to follow-up is approximately 25. When you follow 1000 people, about 250 of these thousand people you follow start following you. It is possible for us to increase this rate by professionally following on Instagram. We share photos about what we share the most on our account. For example, we have an account where we share decoration photos and we will follow up. First of all, we follow our multi-follower competitors who share decoration photos and we turn on post notifications for this account. Thus, when this account makes a post, we know immediately. As soon as the account shares a photo, we immediately go to the photo it shared and follow whoever liked that photo. Why are we acting fast here. Because we make people who like that photo notice us while they are still online.

By the way, the number of accounts we can follow on Instagram is limited to 7500.

The reason why we want to follow those who like the photo and attract their attention is that the profiles that are active on Instagram, who will like the photos we share and comment on them, constitute the best audience for us. We need such followers in order to grow our page and increase the number of Instagram followers rapidly.

Let’s not forget that Instagram has hourly, daily follow-up and commenting limits. If we push these limits, Instagram will detect us as spam and may close our account temporarily, then permanently if we continue to push these limits.

If you are wondering what the limits of following, commenting and liking on Instagram are; You can read our article “ instagram limits “.

Gain instagram followers by commenting

Another way to increase followers on Instagram (to increase followers on Instagram) is to comment on instagram posts. Again, as with following, we make comments under the posts of the accounts that are suitable for the photo sharing of our account. We are trying to attract the attention of the accounts that make a comment about the subject or make a comment that includes the advertisement of our page and see that post and comment. Unless the page owner deletes it, our ad will always remain in the comment area of ​​that post.


Increasing our Instagram follower count by liking the post

Instagram increase followers by liking posts is another strategy. The purpose here is to attract the attention of the post owner. The post owner can reward this kindness of someone who likes their post by following or liking your posts. Both are useful to us. If she follows us, our followers will increase, if she likes our post, it helps her followers to notice us. (How can this be? We can see which photos the people we follow on Instagram like, which will cause the followers of someone who likes our photo to notice us)

Increasing followers by buying likes

You must have visited hashtags on Instagram. You may have looked at the photos posted on a hashtag. Well, when you entered that hashtag, did you see the top nine photos? Those nine photos consist of the photos that received the most likes in that hashtag within a certain period of time, and since they are at the top of the page, the photos that catch everyone’s attention are there first. The photos in there earn a significant amount of followers for their owners. By buying likes, we can ensure that our photo is one of those nine photos in most of the hashtags we write. Thus, we can easily attract the attention of people who enter that hashtag. Buddha returns us as followers and likes.

Gaining instagram followers with gifts and sweepstakes


One of the most effective ways to

increase the number of followers on Instagram is the queue. We can increase our instagram followers very easily, in a short time, by making sweepstakes. The increase in the number of our followers increases in direct proportion to the material value of the gift we will give in the draw. Generally, it is useful to choose the gift we will give in these raffles for women. Because; Participation in such sweepstakes is mostly by women. Let’s take a nice photo of our gift, write #cekilisvar on a spot and below it; that you will give this gift to one of your followers. In order to be eligible for this lottery;

1-Follow us (you have one in your pocket 🙂
2-Tag 5 of your friends in the comment section of this post (we made five people say there is such an account here 🙂 at least one of those five people will join our draw and do the same, its when they pull it from his arm and bring it;)
3-Share this photo on your page (we made our followers advertise it)

We write the date of the draw. Set this date to at least two weeks later. You can give it in a few months depending on the size of the gift.
We have added the hashtags for the lottery at the bottom, it’s okay. As you can see, we attracted many people to our profile as followers with just one gift.

Increasing the number of followers by advertising on multi-follower accounts on Instagram

Another method to increase the number of Instagram followers is advertisements. Writes dm for advertisement on most of the instagram pages with high number of followers.

For those who don’t know what DM means; What is DM? I touched on this issue in my article.

We can advertise our page to these accounts with many Instagram followers. Of course, we do not advertise based on the number of followers of the account we choose. (Because, as we just explained, this account may be an inflated account with bot accounts. We don’t waste our money for nothing.) In addition to the number of followers, what we need to look at is the number of likes and comments on the posts. In this way, you can increase the number of your instagram followers by choosing a strong instagram page, agreeing on the price, and advertising your page.

Making mutual page advertisements with other instagram accounts

This method of increasing followers is a free version of the above method. Generally, pages with close Instagram follower numbers use this method. Find pages with a number of followers close to your number of followers and write them in dm and ask how the other account views this idea.

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Increasing followers on Instagram thanks to websites

If you have a website with high traffic (high visitor rate), you must add instagram to your website.Reserve a corner with your address. With various plug-ins, you can follow people by pressing a button on your site. Don’t you have a website? Don’t worry, he has a solution. If you want, you can become a writer on high quality sites.

Many famous sites have blog corners. You can sign up for them and write on this site blog. Did you add your social media accounts in the profile section, it’s ok. Remember, if you can rank your article first in google searches, this means (related to the popularity of the topic) that thousands will read that article a day, and most of those who read the article will see your instagram profile<.>

You may read our article and say that the most important thing is the content, but it has not been mentioned much in the article. Of course, the content is very important, but; I’ve seen a lot of instagram profiles that followers can not exceed a few thousand even though they take very high quality photos.

Instagram is full of these examples. You can take very good photos, but you have to produce some strategies until you reach a certain number of followers. After reaching the targeted number of followers, the rest will come by itself, you will not have to worry about such things. With these strategies, you can increase the number of followers on Instagram and pass that threshold point.

Let’s not forget, if you are wondering which accounts have the most Instagram followers in Turkey. Take a look at our article ” Turkey’s Accounts with the Most Instagram Followers ”.

I wish you many days of followers.