Twitter’da Beğendiğim Gönderileri Gizleme

Twitter is one of the most used social media networks all over the world. Although people can leave likes on posts, the question of How do I hide my own likes on Twitter comes to the fore at this point.

In Twitter, people want to hide this situation for different reasons. But if you want to be recognized, it’s worth mentioning that hiding them will result in slower results. Because, as it is known, people can notice whether the person they follow likes or not.

If a follower who likes you sees that you like it too, they will start following you more closely. Thus, the results you will get will improve quickly. However, if you want to do this, you can easily hide it from the settings section.

How to Hide Twitter Liked Posts

Twitter gives users the option to hide posts they like. All you have to do for this is to apply the following operations;

  1. Enter Twitter mobile.
  2. Sign in to your account.
  3. Access the privacy and security settings by going to the Settings menu.
  4. Open the Tweet privacy tab and tick the private my tweets box.
  5. Save your changes and enter your password for confirmation.

In this way, both the likes and the account are hidden. People who follow you can’t see your interactions like likes. However, you should know that since the re-tweet is shared on your own profile, it will still be visible.

If you want to make it public again, all you have to do is reverse these actions.

Twitter Likes Problem

Users who have a problem both on Twitter and other social media networks are very concerned about this situation. Here, it is recommended to try some solutions without first contacting the platform about the problem.

If you do not get a solution, you can get a faster and more effective solution by telling the platform what you have tried. In this context, the most common problem, especially on phones, is Twitter likes, and the most common reason is that the application is not up-to-date.

Because this situation can affect the operation of the platform, it has different results. Hence,

  1. Updating smartphones,
  2. Updating the Market application,
  3. Updating the application,

It will bring an effective solution.

Updating Smartphones

Although many people think that the phone update and Twitter will not be connected, it is actually of great importance. Because if your operating system is not up to date, your market application may not be able to receive its own update or the updates of other applications.

Therefore, this will prevent the update status of not only Twitter but also other applications. Nowadays, many people wait for a long time to update their smartphone, so it is not recommended.

After making the necessary updates, you need to check the market application and Twitter. If there is an update, it is done immediately.

Updating Market Application

If your smartphone is up-to-date but you have Twitter likesthe second solution is to update the market application. Because this application also has its own update.

If it is not done, your likes may not be seen indirectly, as new updates cannot be received. Therefore, it is recommended to check this and update immediately if necessary. So Twitter can also get a refresh.

Updating the Application

If there is no such problem in both your phone and market application, then it is checked whether there is an update on Twitter. Because not applying the first two items first may cause the result that you are using the current incorrectly.

If there is no problem, Twitter should be removed and reinstalled. Because an error on the platform can also cause an error to be displayed. If it continues, it is recommended that you contact Twitter and explain the actions you have tried, but that you could not find a solution.

In this way, the officers can offer you a faster solution suggestion.