Twitter; It is an American microblogging social media platform that creates the act of “tweeting”, the most widely used, and where short messages are published with the support of videos and photos. Developed by Jack Dorsey and launched in San Francisco on March 21, 2006, the application has 313 million active users worldwide. Besides being used frequently as well as Twitter account freezing It is also possible to do the strong>operation. From time to time, users may complain about spending too much time on social media and try to freeze their accounts.

Can Twitter Account Be Frozen?

Jack DorseyFounded by >, Evan Williams, Biz Stone, Noah Glass, the Twitter platform has many subsidiaries and users around the world. Twitter, which is on the most used list of social media platforms, also includes users who want to close their accounts despite this high demand. The request to freeze Twitter accounts for various reasons, such as the existence of users who want to take a break from the use of social media, who have another Twitter account, or who want to open another account, is one of the options that come to users’ minds. You can temporarily freeze or completely delete your Twitter account for different reasons.

What is Twitter Account Deactivation?

With Twitter account freezing, you restrict access to your account. It won’t appear in other users’ search lists or tweets you’ve shared before will be inaccessible. Other users cannot view your Twitter profile. If your Twitter account is frozen, your account cannot be followed. During this process, you cannot use Twitter if you do not log in to your account with your username and password.

How to Deactivate Twitter Account?

Twitter account ice cream linkIt is possible to do your own transaction without the need for any link, without searching for . The steps to do for Twitter account deactivation with a computer browser are as follows:

  • Log in to Twitter’s official website via your browser.
  • From the main page Log in to your Twitter account with the login option.
  • Open the “settings and privacy” menu on the home page of your account and enter the “account” section.
  • “Deactivate your account” at the bottom of the page that opens. option is included. Click on this option.
  • The confirmation page will appear to deactivate your Twitter account. Confirm that page with the “disable” option.
  • The next step will ask you for your Twitter account password. Enter your password.

The steps to freeze Twitter account on Android or iOS device are as follows:

  • On your device Twitter mobile app.
  • Your profile photo is in the upper left corner of your account’s home page. Click on your photo.
  • Choose the “settings and privacy” submenu and click on the “account” option. . Make your selection by hovering over this text.
  • You will be directed to the confirmation screen as a result of your selection. If you are sure that you want to freeze your Twitter account, confirm it.
  • As the last step, you need to re-enter your Twitter password. After you pass this security step, your Twitter account freeze process is completed.

There are no separate account freezing and deletion options in the Twitter system. With a single step, you can freeze your account and close it to other users. Your Twitter account will be permanently deleted as a result of 30 days after the day following your Twitter account freeze and you do not log into your account in any way. When you want to log in again with your username and password, your login process will fail.

What are the Tips for Twitter Account Deactivation?

Before you perform your Twitter account deactivation. There are a few important points you should know. Before your Twitter account freeze process, you can have information about the possible situations you may encounter by browsing this information. Things to know about Twitter account freeze are as follows:

  • If you want to close your Twitter account for a short time, you need to keep track of the elapsed time. Because if you do not log in to your account within 30 days, your Twitter account will be permanently deleted.
  • You cannot create a new account with the same username until 30 days after deactivating your Twitter account.
  • Twitter account freezing. It is not possible to open a new Twitter account with the mobile phone or e-mail address your account is linked to before 30 days have passed after your transaction.
  • When you freeze your Twitter account and do not log in again within 30 days, the messages, photos, tweets, follower and follower lists are permanently deleted.
  • If you want your Twitter data not to be lost, you have the option to download all your account data to your device from the settings section of your account.

Can Twitter Frozen Account Be Used Again? ?

You can take a break by temporarily closing your Twitter account. As a result of closing your account, you have the right to use the same Twitter account again later. The only thing you need to be careful about is that 30 days have not passed since your Twitter account freeze.

If 30 or more days have passed since your Twitter account freeze, your account access will not be allowed. In such a case, your account will be permanently deleted. You do not have the right to use it again. If, as a result of this situation, your e-mail address and the username of your frozen account have not been taken by someone else, it is possible to open a new Twitter account with that username.

How to Reopen a Frozen Twitter Account?

You have to reactivate your Twitter account, which you have frozen for many different reasons, within 30 days. The steps to perform the Twitter frozen account reopening process are as follows:

  • You cannot reactivate your frozen Twitter address via the mobile application. Even if you try to login, your transaction will fail. For this, open via your browser’s search engine.
  • Enter the e-mail address of your Twitter account that you have frozen in the form on the page that opens.
  • Then enter your account password.

After these steps, your Twitter account login process will be completed successfully. It may take time for your homepage posts and a few other data to load after your login. After a short while, with the completion of the upload process, you can start using your Twitter account and log in actively on your mobile device.

Are Photos Deleted After Twitter Account Deactivation?

You can freeze your Twitter account within 30 days. During this process, users cannot access your account, and your username is not included in search engines. Your old posts won’t show up in hashtag searches either. The privacy that is temporarily applied to your account will be removed after you log in again. You can actively use your Twitter account as before. When you reopen your account, your photos and tweets are still used without losing your follower list.

Will Your Twitter Account Be Permanently Deleted?

It is not possible to delete your Twitter account directly. First, you need to temporarily close your account. If you do not log into your account in any way during the 30-day period, the account will be permanently deleted. The steps to be followed to permanently delete your Twitter account are as follows:

  • To delete your account, you can delete your account via your computer’s browser or via the Twitter application on your mobile device.
  • It is possible to access the deactivate account button by selecting the account option from the settings section of your Twitter account you are logged into.
  • Your account password is requested to ensure that the deactivation option is under your control.
  • Your Twitter account will be temporarily closed for 30 days with your account password that you will enter after your deactivation confirmation.
  • Twitter account freeze after 30 days have passed, you will permanently delete all your information on Twitter. Your account will also be deleted.