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Whatsapp’s latest offers to its users Along with the innovations, it also created a problem with the update. Many Whatsapp users started to say that they started getting the Whatsapp Out of Memory Error after the update they made. In this article, we will answer the How to Fix Whatsapp Out of Memory Error? Spr.

Whatsapp is constantly releasing updates to meet the demands of its users. The latest update brought a big problem as well as making users smile. Many Whatsapp users started encountering Whatsapp Out of Memory Error after the update.


Whatsapp Out of Memory Error, end It is one of the most frequently reported errors by Whatsapp users. This error, which appeared after the last update, causes many users to complain.

After the out of memory error that occurred in the Whatsapp application, users began to have problems sharing photos and videos through the application. This error has caused many users to turn off from the instant messaging application.


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How to Fix Whatsapp Out of Memory Error . After the error, many users try to delete a few photos or videos and reinstall the application to get rid of this error. Although this process seems to have solved the problem at first, the same problem starts to appear again after a short time.

The exact solution to the question of How to Solve the Whatsapp Out of Memory Error can be given as follows; Users who start to experience the Whatsapp Out of Memory Error after the Whatsapp update need to install the Clean Master application.



Clean, which can be easily downloaded from the app store of mobile phones. The Master application ensures that the error is completely cleared by clearing the phone’s cache. The user can get rid of errors in a short time by cleaning unnecessary files with the Clean Master application instead of deleting all the caches on the phone one by one.

Users who clean the unnecessary files using the Clean Master application then have to perform the memory increase process. By pressing the “Increase Memory” button in the application, you can easily increase the phone memory. After doing this, Whatsapp Out of Memory Error will not appear again.


Getting rid of Whatsapp Out of Memory Error requires the Clean Master application to be installed. The question of How to download the Clean Master application can be answered as follows; Whatsapp users must first find the Clean Master application through the application store offered by the operating system to get rid of the error.

After the application is found, the installation process can be performed by pressing the install button. After the Clean Master application is installed, the application can be opened to clean all unnecessary files on the phone and increase the phone’s memory. Thanks to this method, Whatsapp users will get rid of the Whatsapp Out of Memory Error experienced for a while. However, it would be much more accurate for Whatsapp to release a new update for the definitive solution. In the new update of Whatsapp, it is also among the expectations that it will take action especially for the Whatsapp Out of Memory Error problem.

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