Instagram'da Müşteriler ile Nasıl Etkileşim Kurulur

It’s no surprise that

Instagram'da Müşteriler ile Nasıl Etkileşim KurulurInstagram is the most popular social media platform.

The fact that it allows its users to interact with each other through visual sharing, unlike other platforms, is of course proof of this. The millennial youth is at the forefront of more than 300 million Instagram users. With Instagram opening its doors to big brands and institutions, it is almost easier for this young user group to avoid seeing advertisements, to carry out closer marketing activities.

Instagram offers brands and institutions great opportunities for brand awareness and advertising use. In addition, brands can use Instagram to understand what users and customers in their target audience enjoy seeing, thanks to the shared images. Although Instagram posts may seem as easy as just sharing images, there are strategies that brands should be aware of for correct use. Below you can find tips on how brands can increase the appearance of the content they share by providing higher engagement.

  • Hashtags – Those who follow my blog have read my posts about hashtag usage. In general, when I examine the shares, the use of hashtags in social media seems to be insignificant. Using hashtags on Instagram allows your posts to be seen by more people. By using the search tools, you can see how many people use the hashtag you use. The more people use it, the better. Instagram allows a maximum of 30 hashtags, so using 5-6 hashtags would be ideal.
  • Content Sharing – Internet users take great pleasure in communicating with brands. Thanks to Instagram, brands communicate effectively with their followers by preparing and sharing images that will attract attention. Instagram users can easily understand whether the language you use is corporate or not. Therefore, make sure that the language your brand will use is a language that will help you interact.
  • Follower-only sharing – As with other social media platforms, you can only share privately to your followers thanks to Instagram. You can create excitement with your followers by sharing the production process of a product you make or a service you offer.
  • Brand advocates – With the development of social media, users add value to the brand by trying and sharing a product they buy, and by sharing the beauty of the environment and food at a restaurant they go to eat. If your brand is interacting with a location tag or hashtag, you can contact users by liking their posts, commenting or even re-sharing them. Thus, your followers will see that their posts are seen, liked and have a positive effect.

Although Instagram is a part of our daily life, of course, building and growing your brand on Instagram is not something that will happen overnight. When creating your brand on Instagram, it is very important to consider different features such as timing, filters to interact with users. In order for brands and institutions to be successful in their Instagram strategies, they need to share posts with a high rate of interaction and communication by using hashtags, which will enable them to gain new followers, make their brands talk, share special posts for followers, and create brand advocates.

Instagram is a very powerful platform with a high potential for development, so you need to learn and use the features offered by Instagram well.

So, do you use the features we mentioned above while using Instagram? How do you think Engage with Customers on Instagram? I would be happy if you share it in the comment section.