How to Download YouTube Videos? If you are facing the problem, the solution is very simple !

What is YouTube?

  YouTube, a type of social sharing, was established for the general purpose of uploading and watching videos. Users create their own YouTube channels by opening an account on YouTube. From these channels, other users can subscribe to channels, like and comment on their videos, and add their own videos to their channels. It allows you to access almost all of the videos contained in Youtube. For this reason, users show a lot of interest in Youtube. There are also users who have recently made it a profession to share videos on YouTube.

  YouTube users started to want to download the videos they liked. When this is the case, “How to download YouTube videos?” question arose and the ability to download YouTube videos came. So how to use this feature? There are multiple methods to download YouTube videos. One of them is the programs you download to your computer or phone, and the other is your web browser directly. In this way, you can download the video you want, adjust the duration of the video or download only the audio of the video.

YouTube Video Download Methods

  Although it is possible to watch videos in low resolution without internet with the Youtube Go program, users prefer to watch them on YouTube. You must have internet access to watch videos with YouTube. If YouTube videos are downloaded, users resort to the video download method, since no internet connection is required to watch them. Users can watch the downloaded videos ad-free. You can download your videos with applications or via your web browser. In this way, your videos will be downloaded in high resolution quality. So how can you download videos with these two methods? Let’s examine it together.


YouTube Video Download Without Programs

It is possible to download YouTube videos from various sites only through your web browser. You can download by copying the URL of the video you want to download and pasting it on these sites. There are many such sites.

For example;


– KeepVid,

– FastestTube,

Download YouTube Video Using Program

  It is a more efficient download method than downloading videos with a browser. Because thanks to the program, it is possible to download multiple videos at the same time in a shorter time. Although the programs accomplish the same purpose in different ways, these applications are quite simple to use. These applications allow you to download the videos you want by helping you through the directions. Some programs allow you to download videos, while others allow you to download only the audio of the videos. Thanks to some applications, it is also possible to download live broadcasts.

In order to download Youtube videos using the program, you need to download the application you want to your phone from the Google Play Store and App Store, or to your computer from the market you use. After downloading the application, all you have to do is copy the link of the video you want to download, paste it into the application and click the download or downland button. After doing these operations, your video will be downloaded.

For YouTube video download;

– 4K Video Downloader,

– WinX YouTube Downloader,

– aTube Catcher,

– Any Video Converter Free,

– Free YouTube Download,

– Freemake Video Downloader,

– We can give examples of DLNow Video Downloader.

  Both of these methods are highly preferred by users. Although almost all of them are used the same, there are sometimes differences between them. These differences can be seen quite clearly, especially between the programs. In some programs, you can choose your video resolution as you wish, while in some programs you can only download the audio of the video. Since some users are only downloading videos for their audio, the option to download MP3 has emerged. Therefore, users who want to download for audio can only download audio in MP3 form.

Things to Know When Downloading Youtube Video

  Both of these methods are used to download the videos you want. For this process, the user’s YouTube channel information is not requested. If you encounter such an event, do not share your information in any way and do not use that application or site again.

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