While the Instagram application continues to be used frequently by most users, many of its features are not fully explored by some users. One of these features is the Instagram video download feature, which some users do not know. For this reason, we felt the need to write an article about the video download process, which is frequently asked by our readers. In some of our previous articles, we talked about downloading instagram photos and downloading instagram dm messages. So how to download video on instagram? how to download instagram videos to phone We will explain the steps about it.

Can I download videos from Instagram app to my device?

Instagram videos have become popular by being loved and used by users. For this reason, some users want to download the videos they like from the Instagram application to their phones. As with the Facebook app, you can also download videos from Youtube, Twitter and Instagram to your device. We have searched for you step by step applications and websites that may vary depending on the brand of your phone.

How to download videos on Instagram?

You can use two different methods to download videos from the Instagram app according to your device model. However, you need to choose these methods according to the area where you will download the videos. While the applications running on iPhone and iOS operating system devices are different, the applications available on Android operating system devices may be different. In addition, when you try to download videos from your computer, there may be different programs running on Windows operating system computers and Mac computers with iOS operating system.

How to download videos from Instagram to iPhone phones or iPad tablets?

To download videos from the Instagram app to your iOS device, you need to use a downloader app from the App Store. You can download it to your phone by copying the sharing link of the video to these applications, known as video download applications.

How to download videos from Instagram to Android phones or tablets?

Downloading the videos you like on Instagram to your phone is the same process for Android and iOS devices. If you have an Android operating system device, you can download it to your phone from the Google Play Store. With these applications, you can find the videos you have downloaded from the videos area of ​​your phone.

In order to download Instagram shares, Video Downloader for Instagram is an application where you can download the desired share from Instagram to your phone. This application is free for Android users and is frequently used by most of its users.

Link to download the app on your phone: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.popularapp.videodownloaderforinstagram

There are different applications similar to this application in the Google Play Store. With one of these applications, you can download the share you want from Instagram to your Android phone.

How to download Instagram posts with the website?
If you want to download the shares from your phone or computer without using an additional application, you can download the share you want from Instagram online to your phone or computer by entering some websites with the browser on your device. When you type instagram video download into your search engine, you will come across many video or photo download sites. The most popular of such sites is the ingramer.com web address. By accessing the web page from the link below, depending on the type of share you want to download (photo, video, story, IGTV), it is enough to paste the link of the share on the download button of the desired share. Then you can download the share you want by clicking the download button on the screen.

Instagram Photo, Video and IGTV Download Site: https://ingramer.com/tools/instagram-photo-downloader

Downloading Instagram videos from the computer with the plug-in
In order to download Instagram shares, you can also download them thanks to some add-ons available in Google Chrome. In order to download videos and photos with this add-on, you need to find one of the Google add-ons from the Chrome Web Store page, install it on your computer and activate it. It is the Downloader for Instagram™ + Direct Message plugin, which is the most frequently used Google Chrome Instagram plugin to download photos and videos in the Instagram application with a computer.

You can install the Downloader for Instagram™ + Direct Message plugin, which is an Instagram share download plugin, from the link below.