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5 Adımda Instagram’da Sosyal Medya Pazarlaması Nasıl YapılırInstagram, uses it and dislikes it. With its focus on visual content, it is now one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. In fact, 90% of the information that appeals to the brain is already transmitted visually, and visual messages are processed in the brain 60,000 times faster than text messages. Instagram, together with all this information, has reached an active user number of more than 74 million daily. On Instagram you can share your thoughts and ideas via photo and video using filters and rearranging photos. Instagram was founded in October 2010, but it has recently been used by brands and companies, as it has never been used before. 59% of big brands actively use this social media platform in their social marketing strategies. It is possible to use this platform with many different methods, from content sharing to product and service promotion, to promotional videos specially made for Instagram.

Well, as an institution, are you ready to include Instagram in your institution’s online marketing strategy for your brands and products? If you are ready, you can review the 5 steps below to use this platform in the most effective way.

1) Optimize your Instagram profile for what you do.

Before sharing videos and photos, create your profile so that your followers first know who you are and what you do. Make your corporate profile open to public so that those who want to follow you can see your profile. Try to share as much information about you as possible. Instead of a very serious definition, you can create a more attractive and entertaining profile. Do not forget to share the extension of your website. Keep in mind that this is the only place where you can drive traffic to your own website and actively allow users to visit your site.

2) Always use hashtags in every post

As I shared in my previous articles, the most effective and easiest way to search for content on Instagram and reach the content you are looking for is hashtag sharing. Do not forget to add the relevant hashtag while making your most recent and up-to-date posts, so that users looking for your products can easily visit your profile. For example, if you are making homemade cookies and selling them on Instagram, be sure to use the hashtag “#cookies”. Another way to use the hashtag effectively is to write “#cookies” in the search section and find those who make and sell similar products.

3) Share content that is both fun to look at

When sharing content, which is your main purpose, make sure that it is both worth seeing and reading and entertaining. While sharing photos about your brand and product, you can also share content about your institution’s culture and working environment. You can share about your employees, working environment, and activities in your company. It all depends on your productivity.

4) Do not neglect video sharing

Instagram video feature gives you a 15-second share so that you can present entertaining content to your followers. You can share videos of your products and services by sharing ads and videos specific to Instagram. In addition, you can use your expertise on this subject by sharing the answers to the questions that your followers are most curious about with the video. Either way, remember that followers like VIDEO posts and make sure to use this feature.

5) Follow along

The social media platform is a two-way platform. One of the ways to increase the interaction with your posts and the number of followers is to follow your users who are interested in your content and follow you and interact with their content. You can read my article about who should I follow on Instagram in detail. However, avoid constantly posting similar posts and posting repeatedly.

Don’t forget to share it on Instagram the next time you have a new product or when you have an in-company event!

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Instagram danismanlik hizmeti duyuru