Hashtag Kullanim Rehberi icin Tiklayin

How to create a hashtag strategy on Instagram ? is one of the most common questions I’ve come across recently. Previously, I shared my article about what is hashtag with you, and today I will share about the use of hashtags on Instagram. Before reading this article, be sure to read the article I shared before. If you use Instagram for business, you need to have a well-planned hashtag strategy. You should have goals regarding this, you need to clarify how often you will post on Instagram and determine what you will share well. However, if your use of hashtags has no specific purpose and you create casual hashtags, it will take longer to reach your goals.

For those who have not read the article I shared about the hashtag before, let me briefly summarize below;

  • Create hashtags with relevant keywords,
  • Do not use too many hashtags,
  • Use industry-relevant hashtags,
  • Don’t neglect your followers,

You have more or less guessed what I will suggest about the use of hashtags on Instagram and how you should create a plan.

If you use Instagram for your brand or institution, all of these items are very important. Hashtags such as #tagsforlikes #follow4follow will not be useful for promoting your brand. In addition, the fact that insatgram allows the use of 30 hashtags at the same time does not mean that you will create 30 hashtags.

On the contrary, if you create too many hashtags, it will make your brand look bad.

Sharing hashtags that are irrelevant to your business, products or posts will reduce the quality of traffic to your profile. Therefore, instead of using popular hashtags, you can follow hashtag usage strategies on Instagram, which I will share with you.

Use hashtags associated with your brand;

Create a specific hashtag related to your brand or product. Make sure that this hashtag is a hashtag that represents your business and you. For example, if you sell jewelry products, share your brand name with the word jewelry instead of your own. You may already be using hashtags on social platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Use these hashtags on Instagram too.

It is very important to remember the hashtags you will share. Make sure to use them in all the content you share about your brand. If you are sharing about your family or yourself, you do not need to use these hashtags. ggggmyimg0

Set industry-related hashtags;

Every industry has hashtags related to it. You can see hashtags used by many different sectors, from product-oriented institutions to service-oriented institutions. Find, learn and use them…

Examine the hashtags used by your competitors and companies operating in your sector. You can see the popular hashtags used in Instagram by examining the Tags For Likes site. However, be careful to be selective when using suggested tags. This site will offer you hashtag alternatives related to many different sectors. But do not copy and paste them directly. Choose the most suitable ones for you and add them to your hashtag list.

Combine popular and less common hashtags;

If you think that well-known and frequently used hashtags will be useful for you, you are wrong. Frequently used hashtag sharing will allow you to be found in searches, but since many people act the same as you, you will quickly disappear into the searches.

Instead, using less used hashtags will keep you at the top of searches for longer. You will get better results by combining popular and less used hashtags.

For example, when I post, I use hashtags such as #instagram #instagramdasatis #instagramsatis . Thus, I am more likely to rank higher in different searches. ;))

Set the number of hashtags;

Using 30 hashtags will of course make your posts look bad. If you need to share a lot of hashtags, identify 5-10 main hashtags. You can use 12 -15 hashtags from time to time. But generally try to keep it under 10.

You can place hashtags in the sentence you share in order to be followed easily by the users. For example; It’s like you can follow #annemveben for #mother and #baby products. If you want, you can share all the hashtags you will use at the end of the sentence.

Create a list of hashtags;

You can have a list of frequently used hashtags on your mobile phone. If you are sharing different content, creating more than one list will make it easier for your followers to reach the right content.

Determine your main hashtags and use them in your posts by copy-pasting. Thus, you will save time in your posts. At the same time, you will have shared completely.

Now you have the roadmap for a successful hashtag strategy on Instagram. In general, when you follow this roadmap, you will increase your number of followers, create more interaction and achieve successful results.

By sharing your hashtag strategies with me below, you will ensure that successful examples reach more people.

Hashtag Kullanim Rehberi icin Tiklayin