Twitter Hesabı Kalıcı Olarak Nasıl Kapatılır?

Twittter, which has millions of followers around the world, continues to gain new followers every day. People may choose to close their accounts for various reasons. How to close Twitter account permanently? For those who are curious about the answer to their question, we will provide information in this article. First of all, we would like to emphasize that deleting a Twitter account is a very easy process. Users who want to terminate their membership can complete their transactions within a few minutes.

People who follow the steps in our article can close their accounts instantly and make their demands. After the membership process is terminated, people cannot access with the same username and password. For this reason, if people who provide the process want to use Twitter again, they should open an account again. The process of closing the account permanently should be considered in detail. However, Twitter still gives its members a certain period of time to reopen their closed accounts. There is a right to cancel the Permanent deactivation of the Twitter account.

You Can Back Up Your Posts Before Deleting Your Account

Users who want to delete their Twitter account may want to back up their previous shares. For people who want to save their posts, Twitter offers the option to save their posts. Enter the Settings tab and click on the data field. Then the Twitter archive tab is clicked and the data download menu is presented to the people. As soon as the option to download data is clicked, people are asked for their account passwords. The main reason this is asked is because the data is classified as private and prevented from being accessible to anyone. As soon as the password of the account is entered correctly, the data starts to be archived. When the archiving process is completed, an e-mail is sent to the account of the person.

Twitter Account Closing Steps

ContactsWith the Twitter account closing steps, they can terminate their membership in a few minutes. People who want to terminate their membership should log in to their Twitter accounts. Then click on the settings tab. In this tab, people should enter the My Account field. There is an option to disable my Twitter account. People who click on this tab will encounter some notification options. The notifications are about what will happen as a result of the account closing process. People who choose the deactivate option again can successfully terminate their Twitter membership.

You Can Reuse Your Account Within One Month

If users want to use it again when they provide Twitter account closure, Twitter allows it. Users who close their accounts can start using their accounts again within a month. As a result of the account closure request, the application keeps user information for one more month. This step allows people to regain access to their accounts. When people want to use Twitter again, they should come to the login screen as normal. Users who log in with their username and password on the login screen can continue to use their accounts successfully.

People may want to close their accounts after activating them. However, it is not possible to close twice in a month. For this reason, people should wait for a month and at the end of this period, they should provide a reclosure process.

You Can Protect Your Twitter Username

If you think you’ll be returning to the Twitter app, TwitterYou can protect your username. User names whose account has been deleted cannot be reused. Therefore, if you want to use the same username, you can change your username before providing account closure. Changed usernames can be given to other accounts again. In this way, when you want to open Twitter again, you can access it with the same username. People who want to change their Twitter username can follow the steps below;

  • First of all, login to Twitter settings area,
  • Account tab must be selected,
  • Click on Username and enter a new username.

When a user name that does not belong to another account is entered, the transaction is completed successfully if approved.