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Instagram users can change their username at any time. can change. The Instagram application allows many modifications. The most commonly used one is the name change. In this article, we will answer the question of How to Change Instagram Username.

Instagram users can perform many different actions through the application. Always keeping the demands of its users at the forefront, Instagram also responds positively to change requests. The most requested change on Instagram is the change related to the username.


Instagram username can be changed at any time. Instagram users can easily change their usernames either from the computer or via the mobile application. The Instagram username is used for other users to find the person and send a direct message. People who change their Instagram username will be much harder to find. For this reason, Instagram users should be more careful when changing their username.

Instagram username change method is performed from the computer and mobile applications in the same way. Instagram users will change their usernames in a short time by following the necessary steps.


How to Change Instagram Username can be answered as follows;

Instagram application is opened and logged in with username.

Go to Instagram profile tab.

After coming to profile, “Edit profile” button is pressed.

The new name to be used is written where it says username.

Click the check mark in the right corner. (On iPhones, click on Done). With this action, the Instagram username will be changed.


An Instagram user following the above steps, will have a new user name in a short time. Changing the username does not cause any changes in the profile. The person’s shares, likes and photos will remain the same. The only change is in the username.

How many times the Instagram username is changed can be answered as follows. The Instagram application does not impose any restrictions on its users regarding the changes they make. In other words, the Instagram user has the right to change their username as many times as they want.


Things to consider when changing Instagram username are as follows;

  • Instagram users can change their names at any time.
  • To change the username, it is necessary to make adjustments from the profile.
  • Changing the Instagram username means that the old username and a person’s name can be changed. It means no more to be found. For this reason, this detail must be taken into account when changing the username.
  • Instagram users have the right to change their username as much as they want.
  • When the Instagram username changes, there is no change in the account.
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  • The old username of people who change their Instagram username is locked for 14 days. Thus, users will have the right to abandon their decision and return to their old username.

  • If an Instagram user wants to change their username, they must find an unused name.
  • The old username that is not used within 14 days is made available to everyone by Instagram.
  • Instagram users can easily change their usernames both on the computer and on the mobile application.
  • Username After the change, unfollowing is frequently seen due to the lack of recognition of the followers. It would be wise for people who change their username to take this into consideration.

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