En Sevilen Instagram Butikleri Nelerdir?

Since the Instagram story sharing plugin was released, it has come with many additional features. Stories can add additional photos, add music, add gifs and emojis, write captions, and more. Stories with these features, unfortunately, can be viewed in the stories section for 24 hours and then disappear. If Instagram users don’t want these photos or videos to disappear after 24 hours, they can pin them to the “featured story” section of their profile. In this way, although this story is deleted from the “stories” section after 24 hours, it can be viewed in the “featured stories” section when the person’s account is entered. Here are all the details about Instagram story covers!

The cover photos for these featured stories are automatically set to be the first selected photo. Afterwards, it becomes possible to name each of the prominent story sets separately and change the cover photos. During this editing, the cover photos of the featured stories do not have to be from a story in that set, they can also be changed to any image to be selected from the gallery. This provides great convenience, especially in terms of personalizing the account. Your account will be seen more active and you will be able to take quick steps towards being popular with all your featured stories.

Featured Story Cover Photo How to Change?

The following steps should be followed to change the cover photo for each of the story sets individually while highlighting the stories:

  • First, enter the Instagram profile.
  • Press the “+” button in the “Featured stories” field.
  • The stories to be featured are selected as many times as desired in the desired order.
  • The “Next” button is pressed. It is also possible to update and change both the name of the featured story set and the cover photo of the highlighted story set from the screen that opens. If any of them will not be used as a cover, click on the “gallery” icon in the lower left.
  • Any desired photo is selected from the gallery and then cut to fit the specified area.
  • When the “Done” button is pressed, both the stories you choose will be highlighted and the cover photo will be arranged the way you want.
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    The following steps should be followed to update the cover photo of featured stories:

    En Sevilen Instagram Butikleri Nelerdir?

    • The featured story is printed.
    • ” icon is clicked.
    • Click on “edit highlight” option in the tab that opens.
    • It is possible to edit both the name and cover of the featured story set from this page.
    • Click on the “Edit cover” option and select the desired photo and cut it to fit the specified size.
    • When the “Finish” button is pressed, the cover photo of the highlighted story will be updated.

    Following these steps, it is possible to highlight the story, edit or change the cover photo and name of the featured story. This fairly easy process helps the story sets to display neatly and the profile to look more stylish. In particular, the story cover photos added in harmony with each other add a different color to the profile and the names of the story sets can be arranged according to the contents of the highlighted story sets.

    The featured stories can be grouped according to certain topics and made into sets. For example, many different names such as “friends”, “question-answer”, “selfie”, “landscape photos”, “pet friends” can be named, so it will be much easier for you to find the photos you shared in your story on your profile. Thus, you will present your stories to your followers more actively.

    Using the Stories feature actively will gain you a high interaction rate. Better interaction with your followers will provide a big plus in terms of communicating. How to change Instagram story covers? We shared all the details with you, stay tuned.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to Set Featured Story?

    If you want your Instagram stories to stay on your profile all the time, you can do it by saying “Pin to Profile” in the settings of the story you want.

    How Long Do Featured Stories Last?

    The stories you pinned to your Instagram profile will remain there until you delete them. There is no time limit.

    Is it Possible to Change the Featured Story Cover Photo?

    It is possible to change the cover photos of your featured stories. You can learn what you need to do for this in our blog post.

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