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Instagram users, phone number to their accounts They can also enable their followers to reach them easily. However, it is also possible to change an existing phone number. However, many users do not know how to do this replacement. In this article, we will answer the question of How to Change Instagram Phone Number.

Instagram has become one of the most popular social networks in recent years. Those who have an account on this platform, which is used by billions of people, can add a phone number to their account whenever they want. However, it is also possible to change an inserted number.


Instagram users can choose the number they add to their account as they wish. they can change time. To change the number, it will be enough to follow certain steps. The question of How to Change Instagram Phone Number can be answered as follows;

Instagram is opened and you go to your profile page.

Click on the three-dot settings section of the Instagram profile.


Click on the section that says “Edit Profile” on the page that opens.

Touch the phone icon in the edit profile section.

A new mobile phone number is entered without leading zeros on the page that opens. /p>

After the phone number, the verification code is written in the relevant section.

After typing the verification code, the information can be easily updated by pressing the save button.

Those who want to change their phone number on Instagram due to theft of the account, must first make an application that the account has been stolen. After the application, the user has to send the picture of the ID to the Instagram authorities.


A mobile phone number for Instagram account The user who added it has the right to remove this number at any time. As an answer to the question of How to delete Instagram phone number, it is possible to explain as first entering the profile and saving the changes after deleting the mobile number in the edit section.



Instagram users want to know if they are safe with this process when they add their phone number to their account. Since the mobile phone is among the private information of individuals, it is absolutely necessary to ensure that this number is kept safe. Especially in cyber attacks, it can cause great problems if the phone number is in the hands of others. For this reason, those who want to add their mobile phone number to their account must also know how to keep their number safe.

How to keep Instagram phone number information safe to answer the question as follows possible;

  • First of all, set a strong password that can defend your account. It is very simple to find the password of your account by means of various combinations. That’s why you should set a very strong and complex password. Do not share your old password with anyone, even if your password has changed. Malicious people can take your account away by sending fake documents to Instagram.
  • Keep the two-factor authentication system active at all times. With this verification, people who have decrypted your password cannot log in to your account because the password sent to your mobile phone cannot be accessed.
  • Do not fill in your e-mail address incorrectly and make sure that you can reach it. If you forget your password, you can change it this way.
  • If you have logged into your account with smart devices belonging to other people, make sure that the “Remember Me” option is not active after logging in. prefer. If a website asks you for your password, always say no to them.

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