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Facebook, most preferred It is one of the social media applications. On this platform, which is used by billions of people, each user has a unique username. While some prefer the name and surname as the username, some may prefer different names. Facebook users have the right to change their username at any time. In this article, we will answer the question of How to Change Facebook Username.

Facebook username is absolutely necessary for people using the platform to find each other. It is possible to find a person by typing their username in the search bar on the site and send a friend request.


Facebook users have the right to use the name they want within the application. Many Facebook users prefer to use their first and last name and username on the platform. People using their first and last name are found much more easily on the social media platform. However, some people may prefer more original and different usernames. This is completely left to the users’ preference.

Both personal accounts and group accounts on Facebook have the right to change their usernames at any time. To change the Facebook username, it will be enough for people to follow some steps.



The following steps are required to change Facebook User Name:

Facebook application is opened.

Login to application with username and password .

When you are on Facebook homepage, click on the arrow sign in the upper right corner.

Enter the “Settings” tab from the drop-down menu.


Click on the tab that says “User Name” from the Settings section.

Instead of the username on the page that opens, the desired new user name is written and then the Facebook password is entered in the appropriate field. .

After determining the new user name, the button at the bottom that says “Save Changes” is pressed. With this action, the Facebook username will be changed.


People who change their Facebook username are first There are some details you should know. Things to consider when changing Facebook username are listed as follows;

  • Facebook users have the right to change their username at any time.
  • A – Letters from Z and numbers from 0 to 9 can be used.
  • Users who wish can also use some punctuation marks in their username.
  • The username chosen for Facebook must consist of at least 5 characters.
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  • If the selected username exists, capitalizing the letters or using different punctuation marks does not change the situation. Existing username cannot be retrieved in any way.
  • The chosen new username must comply with the rules under the Facebook Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.


  • Attack and obscene usernames are strictly not allowed. /li>
  • The creator of the username cannot use characters in more than one language. Username must be specified in a single language.
  • One cannot add any title to the beginning of Facebook username.
  • After Facebook username change, the system locks the username for 60 days. Due to this locking process, users do not have the right to change the names they choose until the time expires. For this reason, the username must be chosen very carefully.
  • After the 60-day period, users who want to have the right to change their Facebook username again.

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